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    Just away from home at the moment so no pics but heres the info

    -Hitting "end" of normal flowering period on the 8th. (8 weeks)
    -From what I can tell (60x-100x scope) there's no amber at all and most if not all trichromes still look clear to me. My buds dont look as developed as most peoples even at half the time but I still have some big buds on some main colas (Have 6 plants total)

    - White widow
    - Purple kush
    - 8 weeks flower
    - 800PPM
    - 81deg F
    - 61deg F in res (rockwool has molded and some root rot from before but its stopped getting worse from the low temps)
    - 30 RH
    - Techflora nuts (I think i overnuted them with N a while back and could never fix it which led to leaves pointing straight down on the tips of most leaves as with some twisting)

    SO! I am changing my res tonight, I was thinking of dropping to 30% nutes for a week~ then flushing for a week and cutting. Im not sure what else do to?


    This was my first grow, stunted them a bit in veg, and with this nute problem in flower I think the flowering is set back or stagnant.

    Ideas? Do I just keep chagning nutes out to 40% or so and wait for cloudy/amber no matter how long it takes? Will that happen no matter what? What key signs am I looking for about when to start the week~ flush.

  2. When u said stunted I thought t ok they were overfeed. But these girls aren't stunted they STOPPED maturing and look like its about to jump back into veg. How dark is ur dark period? Looks to me u have a really bad light leak somewhere.
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    It was dark enough I thought, I taped and alum foiled my window about a week ago just to be sure.
    What should I do now? Are they stuck like that or?

    Just as added notes when I first got into flower (when windows were letting in light several hours before lights came on) I jump in the supercloset with the plants to see how dark it was and didnt notice any light. So if it is a light leak its def small... Ill triple check everything tonight and tomorrow morning.
  4. If its not that maybe there is something up with ur timer. I have seen people use cfls outdoors on a blinking timer early fall to keep there plants in veg longer. Doesn't do anything proactive for the plant just keeps it from switching over to flower.

    Was there any stress? Light stress? Environment? This is strange.

  5. The main stress I believe is from nitrogen toxicity for which I dropped nutes down but probably should have done a flush at the time. Feels to late to drop to water for a week though..?
  6. I wouldn't flush they need nutes to mature. Just drop ppm's for a bit. BTW I hardly add any nitrogen in flower. I cut it out all together when I add my dry koolbloom late flower.

    So with all those things out the way.... What are we left with? Ph? Umm water temps? Could be root rot.

  7. How low would you go on nutes? Im sitting at about 800~ now which is right before they burn. And yeah I just started cutting all nitrogen out about 1-2 weeks ago.
    There is def some root rot on my roots, covers about 10% of the top portion of the roots. All the bottom 3rd seems good, is there anything I should do for this to try and get it back on track?

    Thanks a million for your help :smoke:
  8. Have u ever used h2o2?
  9. No I was using Cannazim for the last couple weeks, I dont have easy access to 35%, just the regular 3%~
  10. The regular 3% would work fine just to try and wash off the rot. After that just run the nutes at about 400 or 500ppms for a few days. That will give the roots enough nutes to grow but not enough to burn the new growth. Pm me if u need anything else.

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