Flowering Day/Light Schedule Question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by llamaemu, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hi! Im 3 weeks into flowering my first plant ever. I have been really good so far at keeping a really strict 12/12 schedule... until today. Stuff came up this morning and i had to either cut the 12 hours of dark by about 4 hours, or give it 4 extra hours of dark. I gave it 4 hours of extra darkness. Annnnnyways, im wondering what i should do now: should I give it 12 hours of light today and have my whole schedule shifted by 4 hours from now on, or can i just give it 8 hours of light today to stay on the schedule I have kept for a few weeks. Or am i just worried about nothing.
  2. woooo good thing you gave it more dark.. longer darkness is ok in flowering.. to much light can make it go back into veg cycle. just take off the 4 over you went over on the darkness and take it off the light. so today will be 8/16 then 2mrw just start back to your 12/12 schdule. AND GET A TIMER!!!! i got mine for 14$ at home depot. they have cheaper ones and they are a life saver. 7-Day Indoor In-Wall Digital Timer-15089 at The Home Depot
  3. go right back to your original 12/12 ..... if you were going 6am-6pm. and went 6am-10pm, go back to your original 6am-6pm

    and i did my grow for a while without a timer. a simple 5 dollar wall timer makes an absolute world of difference
  4. Awesome. Thank you both

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