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  1. I am about to do my first indoor grow and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the benefits/disadvantages of starting clones on a 12/12 immediately after clipping.
  2. from what i have read you wanna make sure they have roots then you are good to go
  3. yeah make sure they have roots then 12/12
  4. Yea that's what i speculated. Thanks so much for the input.
  5. Putting rooted clones directly into flowering is known as the "Dutch style Sea of Green" method. It hasn't been very common in the past few years. With a strain that responds well to it, it creates a "bud on a stick" by the end of flowering; a short plant that is just a straight stem covered in bud with only a few leaves & no branches.
  6. I use this technique.
    Well, not exactly, I make clones with flowered stems (stems with buds on them).
    They root well under 12/12 hydroponic, but be carefull as they won't give you a lot of yield.

    My sativas will break up to a meter high, even with that technique, but my indicas will be really short, like 15/20 cm.

    They don't give much grams, but they end up real quick (around 6/8 weeks.)

    All my setup is under 12/12, except 5 mothers who I did put back on reveg. I take cuttings from clones.

  7. Exactly what i do. I have 8 sour diesles in coco and smart pots. O days vegged. they are close to 3ft tall. Im looking at 2 ounce per plant easy.

  8. you could prob. do it with no probs. i'd wait though, you don't want to ask too much of them at that stage. could turn them into herms...
  9. Thanks for all the advice guys!

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