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  1. Hey im just wondering what you guys think about this clone that i brought out and started flowering? Shes gettim 14 hours of a light a day, im just thinkin if itll turn into one of those monster branchy flowering revegged clones? Ive never really grown so any input is great. My other clones are flowering too but the buds seem to have stopped growing so i think theyre reverting to veg?

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  2. TOS
    Clones put out before June 1st will always flower.. I put my spring set of clones out on March 1st to give them a full 90 day window to finish in to have my sites empty and clear to put my summer clones in..

    I'm keeping this set of 24-0 raised clones under some dusk till dawn solar lights to keep them in veg till June 1st when the days will be long enough they'll continue to veg unaided..
    So Cal it never freezes here so I can use the outside as my flower room year round..
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  3. I just thought it was strange plants started flowering under 14 hours. Howeveer i picked up a berry white and cookies clone from the same guy and the cookies is in veg.. genetics maybe? But now that i have this fuck up what will the end result be if i leave them out. Will they reveg on their own and become normal sized outdoor plants? I continue to ask but it doesnt seem anyone can quite give me an answer

    I should have taken your advice from the starts

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