flowering but no buds

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 420ganjasmoker, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. hey i pust my plats in flowering like 4 weeks ago and theres still no sign of buds or anything but theres white hairs so i know its female but y isnt it budding i put it in my closet at night but some light may be getting througn in the morning do u think thasts why?

  2. it needs to be 12/12 damn 4 weeks thats alonnnng time, how long is it dark for?
  3. invest in a timer asap
  4. it is 12/12 but wat im saying is do u think light is getting to it when its in my closet lyk if the lights on in my room u think that will affect it??
  5. yes if when its supposed to be 12 hours in the dark, and there is a little light seeping in, that could definantly cause it not to bud. You should seal all the cracks asap.
  6. i dont think a little light at night will cause it not to flower..after all ppl grow outdoors all the time and at night the moon gives off some good light..so not sure if its strickly the light seeping under your door..

    cant really tell the problem off top of my head...can u provide more info ie. what light your using, nute schedule, that sort of thing and mabey something will pop out..
    hope you can solve this quickly though
  7. im using bloom booster its 15-30-15 and i fertilize once a week and im using 2 150 watt cfl's...
  8. I'm gonna have the same problem with my closet. There's no way I'll be able to seal it up well enough. During the 12 hour dark period try covering each plant with a black garbage bag to block out the light. You may want some small holes in that though or a fan blowing up from underneath to make sure it has enough ventilation in there to protect against mold and such.
  9. how long did you veg for and im assuming its and outdoor grow right?
  10. Flowering takes around 8-10 weeks. You're only half way through. My plants always look like they're gonna die because leaves start turning yellow and falling off. Have you ever flowered before this?
  11. even though im only half way through i should stil be seeing atleast little buds...and no i havnt flowerd this before...
  12. COMPLETE darkness .....
    it was explained to me once as -----the moon is such a low low blue light soo far away that it acts like the green flash light in the grow at night and plant growth is un interrupted .... dont know if its got any balls to it but it satisfied me ...
    ive had problems with as little light as the RED ones on some of the power strips....
    yeah... COMPLETELY DARK IN THERE except i overlook that little bastard ....

    some sativas take a lonnng time to grow .... know your genes??
    there's my0.02 good luck...
  13. how big is the plant right now?
  14. its 3 feet i would take a picture but my camras broken ill post a picture later when my camra gets fixed...but how can i give it complete darkness? do u guys have any tips on how to seal the lite out lyk if i put somthing over the plant will that mess up the plant??
  15. any light whatsoever leaking into your room, despite being a security issue, could turn your crop into a hermie.
  16. I already suggested using a black trash bag. just keep it ventilated either from the bottom or with some very tiny holes (on the opposite side of where you think the light was leaking in from) or both and it shouldn't harm anything. help the plants to breathe and better ventilation = less chance of mold. but yeah i'd start covering them with trash bags and flower now.
  17. can oyu turn the lights on during the day so theres no light around when their in their dark cycle? or block any cracks around door... get fat duct tape , tape the door from the inside around the jamb, then fold the tape onto itself so you dont tape youre babies in there..lol ... it can be done..
  18. i tried puttin a trashbag over it but it bends the top of the plant....and wat i did is i put a sheat hanging up over all the cracks so hopefully that will work

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