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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by a SquaRe, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Just sharing the Blue Himayalan Diesel. 2 weeks into flowering.

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  2. Are BHD look very similar in size.I have so many little bud sites on this little one.
    Yours is looking really good.Does it smell yet?

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  3. Yes, they do look very smiliar! Mine as well has tons of bud sites but I don't think they'll amount to much, prolly just lil popcorn buds...whatcha think? What do ya think yield will be?
  4. Im not sure on that one.I will be happy w/a half dried though.I did do a youtube on bhd and have seen these little guys stay short but produce some really nice thick condensed buds.I just know its going 2 b sum really good smoke.
  5. How long does she take to finish do ya kno?
  6. I seen a guy on youtube that flowered his for 60 days I am pretty sure.I think my haze auto will be finished real quick.
  7. Flowered for 60 days or finished in 60 days from seed?

  8. If you wanna know the possible yield or opinions on it then give us more info:
    pot size?
    temps and co2 induction?

    some info bro:cool:
  9. I think 60 days from flowering myself.
  10. Hey Cruiser,

    Check out my thread titled "Purple Branches" and tell me if your plant is hving any of the same characteristics as mine

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