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flowering befor i want them to. how do i avoid this?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ttfisher, May 24, 2010.

  1. thats a big improvement whatsmj. what kinda stuff did he give you to mix into the dirt? worm castings and stuff like that? are you cool with thos neighbors and everyone they have go over to there house? it looks like they have a nice view of your garden rite out there back windows. my neighbors have the biggest garden ive ever seen in a backyard but they dont grow mj so idk how they feel about it. im sure they have looked thru the fence and seen them. i just hope they dont tell others and leave it be.

    kush breath the pre-flowers are the pistoles(white hairs) that show up at every nod on the steams. clones usualy have these because there takin from mature females already. you will be able to tell if it flowering or just showing pre-flowers tho. if theres just two hairs in the nodes its pre-flowers if theres a cluster growing out of dense vegatation then its flowering.
  2. oh okay, awesome. Thanks man, always learning something new on gc
  3. no problem KB. so are your girls flowering or just showing there pre-flowers?
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    I got the adobe clay soil up here so he gave me a 2 different kinds of like garden mulchy stuff with lots of organic matter,worm casting, rotted manures and all that good shit, also he gave me some oyster shell stuff to even out my PH and it worked perfectly :D Also he supplies a full line of Foxfarm and happyfrog soils. Oh and that new ROOTS Organic soil that I've been meaning to try. He makes a good effort to keep up with the new good stuff and he supplies all the weed growers up here. And believe me, I'm up in the sticks, we got cops who take your weed for themselves haha, everyone up here grows it's so ridiculous.

    I just planted my corn on that back tier so it won't be a problem at all soon, but also that window doesn't actually show my plants it's actually lower than the fence, it only looks like you can because where I took that picture from is like 6 feet above the garden.

    They never have guests cause nobody likes'em but they're not the worst neighbors I ever had when it comes to pot. It's when it comes to my fucking dog man. He harassed my dog and recorded him barking and then reported him so we had to take out my dogs vocal cords or put him down. Obviously I went with the first option but nonetheless, I'll never forget that shit, if I had to put my dog down I would've let him loose on that fucker first.

    Edit: on the window, the one that you can see in the picture does view my plants but that window is actually like 8 feef up there's another one below it but behind trees. I thought the picture showed the other window next to their front door =P that one is completely behind the fence from their side

    Edit: I took some clones of my plants a few days ago just incase this crop gets fucked up by them budding, might wanna do the same if it's convienant
  5. Yeah i think there just preflowering, ill take some close ups and post em later today on my journal.

    Lol yeah man north cali gets away with herb alooooot more than we do.
    The cops here dont trip on weed that much, my biggest enemy is parasites and people.

    Wow.. what an asshole neighbor, i mean i know how it is to have a noisy dog next door, but to request that it has its vocals removed or put it down? thats a fucked up dude.
  6. thats fucked up about the dog man, hows you guard dog suposed to worn you of rippers if he doesnt have a voice? where i live theres hella growers too and alot of fuckin theives. where i live theres a lot of tweaks and shit so i got barbed wire on the back fence and am planing to run an electrical wire along the topside of my wooden fence that surounds my grow. i live with my girlfriend and her mom and her moms got a pikapoo
    that barks when a fly farts so i should have plenty of worning if any rippers come along. im using all ffof soil in my pots i was thinking of maybe geting a bag of worm castings and peat moss to mix in with it but its some good soil just depends if it would save a little doe.

    i got clones all day,i grow indoor too so i got to keep a cycle going.
  7. hey yeah elm foresthill exit side auburn my plants still still hvn't reverted back to veg they are flowering way early and it seems like the buds are already getting pretty big should i just bring the ones that are budding more inside under a light? check out the pictures and let me know what you think please my plants are from clones and they've been out side for a month or so now

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  8. Oh wow, yeah those definetly look like there flowering. but they look pretty dank lol.

    i took some pics, it was kinda hard to get a good close up. so i took multiple shots of my sweet tooths.

    is this pre flowering?

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  9. yeah my green crack is about how your plants are livinhxc im just going to leaving mine outside in hopes they still get big. eather way i figure ill harvest them sooner or later.

    your plants seem to just be showing pre-flowers kush breath. lookin nice and healthy aswell.

    i wish someone could tell me what i did wrong tho. does anyone know how i could prevented this so i dont have the same problem next year? i guess ill just veg 16/8 indoor form when i take the cuts till they go outside.
  10. I also have some plants out side that are full on flowering after being vegged inside under 18/6. i hope the revert to veg soon so they can grow nice and big!!
  11. I agree with you on kush breaths plants those just look like preflowers to me. I've got some lights on mine outdoors to give'em and extra like 3 hours hopefully they'll reveg soon. The only way you could've prevented it is by waiting longer to put'em outside so the days are longer. Also for next time you might look for strains that veg with less hours of light
  12. so you have lights shining on your plants in the middle of your yard 3 hours after dark? hahaha i would like to see a picture of that. ha. the weather rite now isnt that good for having lights outside, its been kinda drizzly and cloudy. suposed to for a little while anyway. not knokin you idea its just funny to think about. everythings pretty dark and your plant are all lit up in the middle of the garden.
    i mite be able to do something like that cuz im growing in pots. i could wheel them indoors at nite for a couple hours or extra light. then id have to be up before day break every morning. i wanted outdoor plants not outdoor/indoor plants. haha. i know theres people out there that veg indoor and transplant outdoor everyyear. i just want one of them to tell me when they put out and what hours they veg inside.

    as stated befor im in northern california so anyone with experience growing outside in this climate let me know. thnks.

  13. i had the lights all bagged up xD i'm glad the stalks thickened up before all this damn rain and wind
    and yeah lmao my neighbors are probably like "wtf?" haha
  14. haha yeah. the first bit of wind bent my mr nice guy over so i had to transplant it to a bigger pot a stake it up.

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