flowering befor i want them to. how do i avoid this?

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  1. i have plants that i started indoors under 18/6 and then in late april i put them outside. they did good for a while and just grew but now there starting to flower and its only the middle of may. i want them to grow all summer and flower in the fall. is there a way to trick them back to veg or will they just start to re-veg as the hotter longer days of summer come around? or am i just going to harvest small ass plants in june?? i was realy hoping for some fat ass plants aug-sept.

    thanks for any help or experience!

  2. Funny I did the same thing. :] except 24 hour light to begin with. So mine we're probably even worse off ha. But my dad checked'em out and they've still been growing like fucking beasts so I'm not worried. Dad says they'll just reveg after a bit. Far as I'm concerned if they keep growing as fast as they are out there they can bud the whole time ha. I'll let you know how mine turn out if you want. How many hours of light per day are your plants getting? Mine are in my backyard in the sunniest spot on my property right now and they're getting like 12 hours of direct sun light, and 13-13.5 of total light.
    And how far are yours into flowering? Mine just have a little bit more than preflower, like resin covered bits of bud in all the nodes.

    Edit: Holy shit ha, your in norcal too? Where are you in relation to sacramento?
  3. there on the sunniest side of the house i got a bum highway rite on the other side of a chainlink fence so im building another wood fence to conseal them on the other side of my house. there getting about 9 hours of direct sunlight rite now but when i get the fence finished they i can move them around to get about 12 hours of direct sunlight. im up north of sac in yuba county. what about you? what strains you got growing?
  4. hey im a norcal grower too, auburn my outdoor plants are doing the same thing they are budding full time should i just bring them inside under hps and keep flowering them because they seem to have buds going pretty good ....sry to hi jack just figured the same thing was happening to all of us ...
  5. I think the same thing is happening to my sweet tooth clones, i got them on the 7th of this month and they were just little clippings, and 16 days later i see huge pistils comming out from the stalk, im not sure if its going to start flowering or im wondering if maybe the clone was in flowering when it was clipped?

  6. Dude you live in Auburn!? Like Bell Road Auburn or like Elm/Old Town auburn exit? I live in Cool!
  7. Also, as far as the plants go. My dad grew for like 12 years, he says they'll just reveg. Which I think mine are actually started doing. I noticed they haven't been maturing anymore in the past 3-4 days so maybe they're starting to revert?? I can hope!

    I got 2 Super Silver Haze, although one of them could be this blueberry my guy was telling me about, I dunno man we we're pretty far gone when we we're handling them =P and then the other 2 are called Tasha named after his guard dog haha, Tasha is indica, the others are sativa

  8. they mite just be pre flowers on your clone.
  9. i herd that you can put your plants in total darkness for like 24 or 48 hours and reset there clock. i was thinking of doing this and puting them outside in hopes that they reveg. anyone know if this would work?
  10. You pre-vegged indoors and they've been outside for a month....and they're still "small ass plants"?

    If they just started flowering and you wanted to harvest in August, sounds like you're right on time....that's barely 3 months, what strain are you running here? My outdoor plants this year will go 100-120 days flowering and some just plain won't finish to my preference, I'd kill for those fuckers to start flowering now.

    Also keep in mind that plants will stretch 1.5X-3X(+) their height when they flip...huge outdoor bushes aren't exactly something you want anyways unless you have plenty of land in a legal state and you don't mind sitting out back with a shotgun to watch for rippers... :laughing: plus with big trees comes mold issues and other problems you don't encounter with smaller (8-10ft, say) outdoor plants...

    maybe I'm super baked but I don't get your train of thought here...how long are you trying to flower your plants for?
  11. this is my first time having plants outside i figured they would veg till like the end of june and flower july and august and then harvest around sept. i have a purple train wreck a green crack a white widow a mr nice guy and a bluberry jam. there not small ass plants still, just not the monster bushes i want i know it will take time but i just figured since they started to bud they arent going to grow much bigger. when do your plants start to flower and when do they finish? do you start indoor or what?
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    Keep in mind all the other people on this particular thread are norcal growers =P it's legal here, atleast with a script. And I plan harvesting towards october =o I give my plants a super long growing season so I can get a years worth of bud per harvest. They'll be like 7 month old plants come time to harvest

    Edit: Also, my plants are in view of my bedroom, window, which you have to walk by inorder to get to my plants unless you can climb the cliff face and the no-climb fencing ontop of said cliff. :] And If you do get in, you better be able to out run my great dane and pitbull, but they're pretty quick, and they know the property.
  13. Have yours stopped growing since they started flowering? Mine have been growing faster and faster still
  14. What size containers do you have the plants in, or are they in the ground? You're not going to get a monster bush without a monster container...the huge 12-15+ foot trees you norcal folks like to grow require 200+ gallon containers...
  15. I prefer just planting them in the ground. You won't be able to pull these plants up or cut them down quickly by the time they've got fat buds on'em. I'm gonna have me some trees. :]
  16. im LSTing my plant im not worried about hight, i have too keep them under 6 feet. i want atleast a pound off each plant and im going to have them in eather 20 or 30 gallon smart pots. 30 gallon smart pots are fat! like three bags of soil. i want a 4' tall bush thats like 5 feet around. or shorter.
  17. Same idea as me ;D I've got my 4 lined up so they're gonna be like huge weed hedges ha, then I've got some rows of corn and various other vegetables to hide them
  18. nice i wish i lived in a spot so that i could put some in the ground. how big of a hole did you dig? dig you add soil or just plant in the dirt?
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    I amended the native soil. The nursery up here gives me a discount for being a "tomatoe club member" ;D And he hooked it up with all the right shit to fix the native soil, took a lot of tilling ha. I just dug a hole big enough to fix the like half galon root ball I put in, they turned from big seedlings to small bushes in no time when I put'em in the ground. One sec I got a picture of my garden although it's not very close to the plants its a before and after of the work I did to this little corner of my property


  20. hahahahaha dude i laughed so hard when i read this. i basically fit that description except the plenty of land part.
    I lost my job so its like, when im not putting in applications im basically constantly looking out my window haha.

    anyhow what exactly does pre flowering mean? i think i know but i want to be 100% sure

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