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Flowering and plants look bad

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by azmedpatient90, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Hello everybody! I currently have a hydro set up going and my plants are looking pretty bad. Is this normal? All hints and tips are greatly appreciated as I really don't wanna mess these up.

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  2. Looks like a nutrient deficiency, particularly nitrogen.

    How much are you feeding and what PH?
  3. Looks like a few deficiencies/lockouts in there. But I def. see some clear cut potassium problems.
  4. Looks like nute burn,or a PH issue.
  5. That's my next plan is organics it'll hopefully be a bit more simple. Do I still have a chance to turn them around? It's only 4 weeks..
  6. For some reason the guy at the grow shop gave me these nutes that were only phosphates and he said it would kill the plant faster?? So I recently got some dutchmaster bloom that has more nutes in it.
  7. STOP

    empty out ur system

    add pure distilled water

    run for a few minutes to an hour

    empty out ur system

    repeat three or four times

    then fill with fresh nutes

    repeat this simple process weekly or bi-weekly
  8. Man, just shoot straight water to it, nothing else. Looks like it's been burnt up with bloom builder or something
  9. id havta say high temps, underwatering, and/or nute burn/biuldup?

    when in doubt, flush em out

    i recommend u flush with a properly ph'd nutrient solution (1/4 strength should suffice)

    dont be shy in the process. let a bunch of nutes run through the pots. the key is to allow alot of runoff to come out the bottom of the pots durring the process. this will help clean out your medium and root zone.
  10. Flush the plants like recommended. You can get a chemical flush that should help. Once flushed fill with Nutes. This will give the plants the best chance of surviving. Going organic is defiantly the way to go. You can go bottle less or purchase organic bottle Nutes and ad it to your soil mix.

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