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  1. hey guys, couldo you spare some tips regarding the best way to treat a hermie in order to get a lot of seeds... Any weird trick or knowhow to improve the seed yield???
    thanks, hope you post

    Currently on my first grow
    4x39 daylight Osram Fluoros hung up in chains, some old school twist, jeje.
    4 Indicas
    6 Sativas
    .5 g/L of "triple 17 plus" (17-17-17 N-P-K and some micrconutes)
    .5 g/L of "nutriflor" (15-30-15 N-P-K)
    35 days 12-12
  2. To be honest a hermie plant will pretty much take care of flowering itself. Just let it go at it. Although I don't know why you'd want hermie seeds...
  3. Bro Dont Plant Hermie Seeds. The Seeds Cary The Hermie Gene With Them. You Can Do Alot Of Damage With Hermie Seeds If They Get Out To Others.
  4. what are you smoke'n? That's how a lot of your femmed seeds got that way. They either intentionally hemie a female and self breed it, or they intentionally hermie a female and breed it with another female. Your first generation seeds should give you 99% female seeds. I have never had more than a couple go hermie from the hundreds of seeds I've femmed.
  5. true that. smash the myths.
  6. Even if there is such a thing as the hermie gene, plants can be induced to hermie, intentionally or not, by stress, which would not impact the genetics.
  7. to pollinate with some male pollen collected from a male skunk (hermies brother)??? I was kinda blown away by the hermie gene... i though way to go, lucky bastard, a hermie skunk will guarantee skunk seeds and from then on only good shit for me...

    I have 2 skunk males which i pretend to preserve and then pollinate the seeds from the hermie. Im wondering, will the pollen i collect this time last enough to pollinate two consecutive generations, or three maybe??? If not, id rather pollinate more plants everytime, but by using the same skunk over and onver in hermie descendants was my way of getting rid of the malevolous gene. Guess not really necesary, but how does it sounds??

    Going pretty good according to me with 156 watts (4x39watt 4 foot fluoros)

    thanks for the information, is good to see diferent points of view
  8. if I were you I'd just try to make some cannabutter out of those males. :p

    you should have more than enough fem seeds from the hermie. a lot more than you think you will get. you don't have to use them all at once, and you could always take cuttings for clones
  9. if the idea is to have femmed seeds, then you DO NOT want to use pollen from a male plant. By pollinating from a male, you have no more advantage than two regular male and female plants. The idea is to either pollinate a female with the male FLOWER of a hermie that started as a female, or to self-pollinate a hermie that started as a female.

    To my knowledge, there is no "hermie gene". The propensity for a plant to be more susceptible to hermaphrodism is merely a genetic trait that can be bread into a plant if one really wanted to. I don't believe, there is a "hermie gene".
  10. Did you know that femmed seeds have a higher tendency to go hermie than the others? And what myth are you talking about, it is fact that hermies carry the hermie gene in thier seeds. My crop is full sinsemilla no males, no hermies. Ask any pro grower and they will tell you the same thing. With hermies you get weed that is not at its best. Am i the only person that knows hermies produce less potent, smaller yielding buds? If you have a sinsemilla plant and a pollinated female the sinsemilla is going to grow better buds hands down. Why do you think that people dont smoke the male plants either, because they produce bad buds, low THC levels, and dont taste very good. You have a male and pollinated female in one plant and your expecting great bud, Yeah right. Sinsemilla is the only way to go for you to get the most from your grow. And apparently I have been smoking the good shit if all I smoke is sinsemilla. Pick up any grow book and read from it about hermies for yourself. Go ahead and keep poisoning the cannabis gene pool, thank god I have been working with clones for the last couple of years. No hermies for me.
  11. Not arguing that. Did you know that within the first genetic line, that "higher tendancy" is EXTREMELY low? As in, out of 1,000 seeds, you're likely to only get fewer than 1 or maybe 2 hermies?

    I guess my college education was a complete waste. You show me one textbook (not some grow bible) that says a forced hermie develops a "hermie gene" and continues to pass that "gene" along. A "genetic trait" and a "gene" are two very different things. I can tell you from personal observation that out of the thousands of femmed seeds I've bread, I've only produced a few (meaning 3 or fewer) hermies. I can also say that of all the seeds I've given away, I've not heard of a single hermie not produced by stress.

    Good. As they should be.

    I don't think anyone here has EVER disputed any of this, so you're kinda wasting your breath here.

    I have made dozens of posts on this. Let me clarify.

    Femmed seeds are produced a number of ways. The most common are by stressing a plant and inducing it to hermie; or, by treating that plant chemically with Gibberellic Acid (GA3) Treatment- and thus, creating a... wait for it.... wait... YES! a hermie.

    Pollen is then harvested from these plants and then used to pollinate a female. This female will then produce >90% female seeds. In the first genetic line, there is little to no greater likelihood of genetic hermaphrodism. Can you turn them into a hermie through stress? Absolutely! But given normal to ideal growing conditions, I would be awfully surprised if anyone here got a hermie.

    Now, if that genetic generation was again induced to hermaphrodism and used to pollinate itself and then the resulting generation was also induced to hermie and produced seed, then you start having a greater propensity toward hermaphrodism.

    Just because you force a plant hermie does not mean you magically planted a hermie gene in it. There is a difference between genetic traits and an actual gene.

    That said, if you have a plant that NATURALLY goes hermie, then I WOULD NOT breed that plant. That plant has a genetically coded predisposition toward hermaphrodism and you do not want to continue that line.

    Keep in mind, that many different types of cannabis in the wild (actually the majority) if allowed to go un-pollinated will turn hermie well after harvest time in a last-ditch effort to reproduce and continue the life cycle. This is somethign designed, inherently, into the plant. This, again, does not mean that the plant has any more likelihood of being the type of hermie that screws up your bud.
  12. In the typical package of 99% or 100% feminized 10 pack seeds will will get 7 Females, 1 male and 2 hermies.

    Hermies are hermies, stess or no stress, you can treat the plant with Zero stress (if thats possible) and it will still go hermie, if thats what it was intended to be, yes is you OVER stress a pure female plant it will go to its last resort in survival/reproduction and turn hermie, but a hermie is a hermie, period, just like a male seed is a male seed , cant change it.

    Just let it pollenate itself, the seeds are fine.

    I have flowered hermie plants with no problems what so ever, maybe 2-3 seeds per bud, no big deal, and really saw no difference in smoke compared to its sister which was full female.

    I have a supergirl hermie right now out of the pack of 10 i put down, simply put it outside away from the rest of your plants and let it bud out.
  13. that is WAY high a ratio of hermies. Wherever those seeds are coming from is likely using a 3-4 gentic line of femmed seeds. It'd be way better to make your own.

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