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  1. I started her back in March, at home on my window sill. Then after 1 month moved her outdoors, it was a bit cold out at night (45-50 f) and I noticed that she was developing slower then other girls.

    Then suddenly, 2 weeks ago purple flowers appeared on her and she stopped growing.

    She is only 10 inches high, so i have no clue why she started flowering so early.

    She is a purple x white widow cross, which is not an auto flower.

    I would like to know, if anyone knows what could have caused her to flower so early ?

    I want to prevent this from happening to my other plants... :(
  2. Pal, what 12/12 ?? the days are getting longer not shorter :mad:
  3. well that triggers flowering, from what ive heard so unless your plant naturally flowers at 10 inches then your light schedule is around that time period.
  4. in nature when a plant is too cold it thinks its winter. the flowers start to develop so that hopefully it can be pollenated by a male before winter starts fully. im guessing your plant flowered because of the temp. a way to prevent this is to plant your seeds around mid april or when it begins to warm up at night
  5. I have a link on outdoor flowering.
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    heh oops! :eek:

    just read your post cantharis, please forgive me prodigyru!
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    I think it's not temps but either they were disturbed indoors (windowsill = in house or porch) or it's an autoflowerer. Early flowering is when you move them from more light to less light. Right now is 16h day outside and 8 night. It should veg back in 1 week or 2 as days are getting longer (until June 21 where there is about 18/6) and flowering only begins in August. Veg stops areound July 20th. For 10 days, mine always halt between July 20 and Aug 1, preparing to flower.
  8. Corto,

    Its awkward because they been sitting outside in pots since beginning of april. They were growing a bit slower because of the temps... once they showed sex, I moved them into the ground (beginning of may) and about a week later this one plant started to flower, while others seem to be ok...

    I am still confused though...
  9. my lady did the same thing....sexed her then put her out....she started showing flowers...after a week or so she went back to vegging.....just takes a little time to adjust

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