Flowering 6 plants in a 4x4tent under 600w hps

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  1. Here is my thread ive been updating for a couple weeks didnt realize it was posted in grow room design my bad.

    Flowering blue cheese, ogkush, 1 unkown strain

    Going to continue from today-harvest/dried weight here.

    Day 36 of flowering. Shots are under hps didnt want to move all my plants tonight. Gave them their daily half spin to get at the dark sides of the plants. Buds are very sticky, smell amazing and getting much more dense. Not too worried about the dying fan leaves sugar leaves look healthy and unaffected. Included some trichome pics of 2/6 plants. Got a bet going that ill get at least 0.75g/watt (400grams)

    And raptors the NBA champs tomorrow jus sayin. 20190608_220944.jpg 20190608_221412.jpg 20190608_221424.jpg 20190608_221445.jpg 20190608_221545.jpg 20190608_222014.jpg 20190608_222228.jpg 20190608_221945.jpg 20190608_222137.jpg

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  2. I think they'll fill out quite a bit more in the next couple weeks - nice thick branches so should have no trouble there in terms of stability.
    Nice cloudy trichs starting to happen.
    They look healthy.
    Yeeeeah man I LOVES the smell at this stage.
    I'd suggest given your space (is that 4x4 feet?) is a bit limited, grab a couple of the thin tower-style rotating fans instead. They've got more height on them and they don't need clearance to rotate.
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  3. Yeah im hoping theyll swell up nicely. I still see lots of clear trichs im guessing another 2 and a half weeks going to start flushing very soon.
    That fan takes up a lot of space i agree there are more space saving options and i will def look into them for next crop.

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  4. I'd give them at least one or two more feeds personally before a flush, I think you can still boost 'em some more, or any...do you have that stuff you put on just a little bit before harvests that makes the most of the "towards the end" stage? I dunno my products, but such a thing exists, whatever it's called.
    But yeah flush after. Just my take.
    Well yeah, on the fan thing...any bit of space you can use in there, I'd say take, easier to get things in and out etc, and two of those tower ones will take up less space than one of the ones your using.
    Good call though, make or save whatever bucks you're gonna from this one, direct some funds back into it. Always an intelligent thing to do, so kudos on the forethought.

    Look man, post some pics when you're all done, I'd like to see how it turns out for you on this run anyway.
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  5. Thanks for the advice Ill feed for one more week before flushing with flawless finish. I use advanced nutrients so the stuff you are talking about is called Overdrive, ordering 250ml now to try out.
    I thought about hanging the fan from the bars in the tent but fck that guna look like a circus in there so I just deal for now. I have a tower fan but its a combo heater and I dont trust it in there to just move the air without heating it up.

    Will be planting new round as soon as i start flushing these. Guna try for 10 plants. Got the female seeds: Hulkberry(royal queen), Wedding Gelato(royal queen), Hifi 4g(dutch passion), Fat Banana(royal queen) and Fruit Spirit(royal queen) they are all heavy indica except for fruit spirit mostly sativa. Will journal that grow from beginning to end and I will be posting updates here as often as i can until final dried weight.

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  6. Day 40 of flowering. Watered yesterday with half strength base nutrients and full strength big bud. Going to feed up to 4-5days until harvest with using flawless finish.
    Buds be gettin thick and sticky icky, oowiee.
    Should i chop all these leaves i got on these plants? Would it help the buds any at this point? theres about 2-2.5 weeks left.
    Photos of all 6 plants
    20190612_202621.jpg 20190612_202831.jpg 20190612_202846.jpg 20190612_202947.jpg 20190612_203107.jpg 20190612_203322.jpg 20190612_203346.jpg 20190612_203409.jpg

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  7. Day 48 flowering. Fed with half strength nutes and boosted full strength. Also did a heavy trim as most fan leaves were dying off anyways. Will probably start flushing within the next week. 20190621_002807.jpg 20190621_002832.jpg 20190621_003026.jpg 20190621_003221.jpg 20190621_003326.jpg 20190621_003438.jpg 20190621_003537.jpg 20190621_003607.jpg

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  8. Day 49 flowering. Buds look like they are getting nice and fat. Feel pretty solid not so fluffy anymore. Pic taken 2 mins before light came on. 20190621_104001.jpg

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  9. Day 51 flowering. Watered with plain tap. Stinks like hell whole house is danky. How much should I yield Im hoping for at least a pound which would be around 0.75g/watt using my 600w HPS. 20190623_231258.jpg 20190623_231455.jpg 20190623_231702.jpg 20190623_232107.jpg 20190623_232209.jpg 20190623_232620.jpg

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  10. Can I pretrim these buds over the course of the next 2ish weeks while they are still on the plant or would anybody advise against this?

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  11. Looking to set up a first time tent system for myself I want one like yours, mind if I ask what tent / light you got I see it's a 600hps what brand?
    Not trying to hijack your thread that stuff looks so tasty I just Wana set myself up on the right track haha.

    This is what I got so far.
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  12. What youre getting looks good. I would recommend a larger fan if you plan to run a 600watt in the 3x3 tent. Im running my 600w hps in a 4ftxtftx7ft tent and cant use anything smaller than my 440cfm 6" for exhaust if i want to control the temp. Plus i have a 4" 300 something cfm for intake which runs 24/7.
    But the brand of light and tent i have are both Vivosun, both inline fans are Vivosun, the carbon filter is Vivohome. 1561417089453.jpg 1561417114255.jpg

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    Sweet man I appreciate, this is where I'm at now think I'm going in the right direction I can taste it.

    What's your opinion on the HPS be for veg and flower stages? Just trying to hold back a little until I can afford a a veg light.

    Screenshot_20190624-201322.png Screenshot_20190624-201306.png
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  14. Pretty much how my cart looked when i checked out on amazon. It looks like the light kit you got there has a metal halide bulb and a hps bulb its a dual purpose ballast, should be dimmable too and have a super lumens setting. So youll be covered for veg and flower with that light.

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  15. Thanks man I pulled the trigger and thanks to prime it'll be here in no time. I'm gona continue to watch your grow been watching it for a bit can't wait to hear the outcome.
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