flowering 3 connie chung and 3 wreckage

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    Hey whats ups guys. I started a grow about a month and half a go and have been flowering 6 clones for about a month now. I have a sunhut grow tent with a 400 hps and 8, 24 watt and 4, 42 watt CFLS. The ladies are in 3 gallon pots, with fox farms ocean forest. I have been feeding with the fox farm trio(grow big, bog bloom, tiger bloom) along with bonticare Cal-Mag, and used Superthrive when i transplanted. We have 6 inch can fan, with a 6 inch carbon filter. We did a short veg because of time constraints, so they arent that large. also because the wreckage strain is mostly sativa, while connie chung in primarily indica, the wreckage is far taller.
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  3. thanks for the subscription man! I will proalbly be updating the pics weekly so make sure you check back in a couple of days, also im goin to try to compress the pictures a little more so they dont take so long to load.

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    been about 10 days since my last post and the plants continue to bud quite nicley, my indoor are about 6 weeks into flower, and the two outdoor are just over two weeks into flowering. take a look at the pics adn tell me what ya think

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  5. here are the same pics from my last post, but these are more compressed and will open faster, for those of you who have slow internets.

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  6. The ladies are in week 6 now and really starting to fatten up nicely. i have been giving them mollasses for the past two weeks along with this local bloom nutrient called Mother of A Bloom by mad farmer. it is a super heavy potassium and phosophorus feeding that helps boost flower and fill out buds. although it is easy to burn, but i started with 1/4 and then moved to 1/3 of the recommended dose and have no signs of burn. the buds are also really startign to fill out and gain some weight. the first pic below shows the outdoor girl which is in her 3rd week of flower. the rest show the 6 indoor, the quality is really low so the photo can load faster, but i can post high quality as well if anyone wants.

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