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  1. Hi Gc can any of you out there tell me how long rougthly after switching to 12/12 flowering it will take before i see any signs of male or female ..
    veged for 40 days and lst my 2 plants one is blue cheese and other nothern lights and im growing under cfls..
    Any help would be great
  2. anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks usually
  3. I'd put that at more like 1-2 weeks, but really depends on the strain, growing conditions, and how far along the plant was when you switched to 12/12.
  4. switching to 12/12 before youve seen preflowers is a good way to make your plant hermie.
  5. Hi there can any body shed some more light on what smutpeddler is saying please ie why?
  6. It's not true, don't worry about it.
  7. Hi there toastybiz thanks for clearing that up for me cheers again :D
  8. I did 32 days veggin, started Dec 25. Posted pics this AM of some girls, actually I've got too many for my space. So for me 13 days for first signs, and I don't buy the hermie thing either

  10. I got a dollar that says they could be sexed NOW or even in the first few days of 12/12. Folks at day 40 both of the strains should be showing sex, assuming optimal conditions :smoking:

    HAH the hermie comment is a good one ...

    I say break out the camera and start taking shots with the MACRO setting ...
  11. do i give a shit if you guys believe me? nah...

    my advice is meaningless.

  12. so you're saying you can tell sex 40 days into veg? if so, ill send you pics of my plants (they're at least 40 days into veg) because i sure as hell cant tell

  13. Don't send anything to me :) Post some pictures up close around the middle of the plant stem. There are plenty of good eyes around here, many many better than mine.
  14. Aight man, will do, I was just wondering because someone once told me there was no way to ever tell unless they were flowering already

  15. Its a lie, most people around here will tell you once the plant reaches maturity it will begin alternate nodes and can likely be sexed. I do know how much truth there is to that but I document my days and on the last run by day 35 I had all 6 sexed.
  16. Well nice, I'm going to post up some pictures of my plants soon, maybe someone can help me weed out the males to focus on the females
  17. Thanks to all you people out there for you replys cheers :)

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