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  1. has anyone harvested their buds when the , i think the they are called the 'pistils' are still white vice turnin orange? I know i've read that they are ready to harvest when most of the bud has turned orange. but ive noticed that the buzz is real intense when they are still white
  2. i was forced to a couple times when my landlord had to do a walk-through of my apartment, and trust me it's not worth it. while the buds are drying they turn orange anyways, and in the end they just have less thc, the plants dont have as much time to produce all that they are capable of.
  3. harvest by the trichromes, not pistils. get a 60x or higher microscope and check em out. they sell a pretty decent one at radio shack for 10.99
  4. thanks stopsnitchin here, this buds for you:

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  5. by the way, there is no Radio Shack in Europe, I'll see what I can find online, or out here in Germany
  6. Nice bud, I have 3 4x4 tables full of buds just like it.
    keep it growing.
  7. dang!!!! share the wealth, buddy!

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