Flowered a 12+ month old MOM and found a few seeds

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  1. So I have a mother plant that was from bagseed. I named her "Souko".  "Seed Of UnKnown Origin"
    She seems to be an Indica or real heavy indica dominate mom with a real sweet pine fragrance.
    Her mother sprouted maybe last february or it could've been one of the sprouts right after 64 passed here in Colorado. I honestly forget. I have been taking clones of her and her little offspring have been great little plants to work with.  This december I decided to put her in to flower and call it an end to her lineage. She flowered along with one of her little daughters and both plants looked great at time of chop.  
    During the manicure, to my surprise, I found about 9 mature seeds. (harvest from her was about 35g currently in cure) I checked and double checked the younger 2 flowering plants in the tent, I double checked the other girl I manicured. No seeds and no male flowers to be found anywhere. No sign of any hermie trait I can find. I even broke down the buds that I found seeds in looking for an exploded sac and was just buried deep in the bud. Nothing in there either. Only this female produced some seeds in the tent. To add to the confusion, there has never been a sac in this garden that I have seen and I never have seen a seed in any of her offspring. 
    So, My questions are?
    Did this mom realize her lineage is about to be extinct and just magically produces a few seeds without a pollen producing flower ? (I always thought impossible)
    If I were to flower the other mother of similar age from the same bag of seeds, what are the odds of her kicking out a few seeds too with out effecting the other girls in the tent just as this one did?
    What are the odds (if they are not sterile) of the seeds being all female?

  2. 35 g from the mother?
    The seeds are female. Female plants produce only female seeds.
  3. No shit? I learn something new everyday!
  4. Probaly was a Hermi and the pollen sacks were in the bud

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  5. Had this happen, female clalaxes turn into seeds, no signs of hermie or burst pollen sacks just seeds that look like swollen calaxy's then split and are obvious seeds.
    Perhaps there was pollen from a previous grow OP?
  6. Seriously they would be feminized?

    Then if I get one seed out of an oz bud I should expect a female?
    Yes, 35 grams from this old lady :) . she was only about 16" tall.
    Dried then manicured/trimmed the buds and took a weight reading. Now they are curing :) + I found 9 mature seeds from her that confuse the heck out of me how they got there. I sit there and look at them sorta how a deer stares in headlights.  :wacko:  
    I guess I will know for sure if they are female seeds after I plant them. Sure hope they are. 
    In my case,  I have not had a male plant in the area or a stressed induced female producing pollen balls for that matter.  
    If there was pollen in the tent it would of came from the tent manufacturer.
    Exactly !!!
    9 of the flowers had a single seed in them each, I broke open the flower looking for a burst sac but could not find a thing.
    The other females in the tent have no sign of seeds or pollen balls. 
    I am confused, I have never seen anything like this.
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    stress seeds, most likely the progeny will have hermaphroditic tendencies
  9. Only hermie's produce feminized seeds, it depends how it happened if a male pollinated her no they'd be regular but if it hermied then yes all female genetics, only down side is that the genetics will hermie again under the same circumstances.

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