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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. anybody heard anything from her situations going.or anything like that?
  2. sitiuation eh? induldge me
  3. she got caught with a buncha pills and pot
  4. oh damn dude, hope she gets out ok

    I was never anti-government till I came to this site...Not sayin that a bad thing, just sayin that this site showed me the truth. that the gov lies way too much.. I learned that weed isnt as bad, or atleast the same, as alcohol, and should definitaley be legalized, before I only had them commercials to go on. More people need to know the real truth, once they see it it'll become clear.

    fight the power
  5. yeah flowerchild, really, i havent seen you, norm noticed and man, girl! check in with us! *sending the karma!*
  6. the best possible thing that you can do is spread the knowledge that you have learned from here....the real truth needs to be contagious and overwhelming..we need to smack them in the face with it.
  7. we were pming each other and the n she stopped. I kinda thoought that maybe she had some bad luck with her situation!!!

    There are some others that are missing as well! I can't think of who right know but we need to see who else is not here..

    I'm off to work!
  8. didnt she say see might get sent to jail. i hope that didnt happen
  9. yeah stylez i agree. We need people to step up though and inform the public that weed isnt bad. Cause the problem is the majority of the pubic only sees and hears what the government is saying about weed , they dont hear the other side. More people are starting to realize weed isnt so bad though, in a nationwide poll by cnn and time magazine 80% said weed should be legal for medical reasons. 80% is ALOT of people
  10. arent you a medicinal cali?

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