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  1. so is it time to flower?


    what should i buy?this is my first time flowering

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  2. Looks like you already have crazy pre flower. How old?
  3. yea time to flower imo.
    I would get some botanicare power plant "bloom".. follow the directions on the back

  4. sell im using fox farm soil, if i start using other product,will my plants have any problems?
  5. Nah fox farms is organic soil I believe with no nutes . You will be fine.
    I think its like half a teaspoon to a gallon of water for the first watering. a week later (or when dry) make it a full teaspoon.(make sure u read directions on back of the nutes for exact recipe) very easy and fun. goodluck
  6. coolios thnks bro! :smoke:

    oh and after flowering, what should i get for veg
  7. Were do I find these firts?
  8. It won't hurt to change nutes, but I would stick with FF and get some Tiger Bloom. It's good stuff and easy to use. You can get it at any grow store or hydro store. Just google one in your area.
  9. Fox farms Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. Most nursary sell it now as well.
  10. I'd also grab some blackstrap from whole foods acts as a great micronutrient additive and is way cheaper then "Sweet" and is the same thing.
  11. use that in addition to FF?:confused:

  12. Yes. What I do is, I mix my gallon jug of Nutes first, then I mix in 1.5-2 Tablespoons of blackstrap molasses. So every other watering Its getting Nutes and Molasses.
  13. Yes use both u can thank me later! Lol :)
  14. I see you still didnt read a stickie.
  15. I'd better thank you now 'cause I hope to be too stoned to type later. The stickies are a great help, but input from others is always good too. TNX again.
  16. Simply stunning my man, I hope my females are just as beautiful as yours when they start.
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    I get my blackstrap at a local farmers market.... was using grandmas until i happened to stumble upon it at the market....
  18. Yeah, for sure use the molasses. It's a god send for us growers. My plants love the stuff. I usually mix the molasses into a cup of warm water first, and then dump that into my watering can with my nutes. The cup of warm water dissolves the molasses so it mixes evenly into the water.
  19. Molasses is wonderful.
  20. huntr, for someone who doesn't... I take that back, DIDN'T know the plants basic growing stages, your buds like nice.

    I hope your reading up so that way you harvest some dank bud :) and not end up with moldy hay bud. :(

    Good job dude! Keep up the good work!

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