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  1. Getting ready to switch to flower . Are there any beginner tips on what I should do to here before I switch ?

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  2. Make sure that you will have enough space because the plant may double, sometimes even triple in size. If not, start training them and get them to your desired height/shape.

    Also don’t forget that you shouldn’t top or do anything that can stress the plant before putting em to flower. If you do put the plant through stress, let it recover for a week or so before switching to flower.

    I see you are growing a few other plants that are still quite young. If you are going to keep em vegging, make sure that light doesn’t leak in to your flowering plants. If the plant receives light, even for a short time during its dark cycle, the plant may continue vegging or even go back to veg stage so make sure your plants are in a dark place that light doesn’t leak in.

    To be honest, to me your plants look good. Switch em to flower when you can.
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  3. I don't agree with this statement. This is the period when I am the hardest on my plants.
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  4. Just because the plant can tolerate stress through the veg/flower transition doesn’t mean it’s optimal. Most people would agree that letting your plant chill after topping is a good idea.
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  5. Preciate that my brethren
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