Flower timeee.. anddddd go (:

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  1. Just a simple yes or no is fine.. morr is awesome.(; day 42 of veg. Thinking it's about time to switch to flower it's about 20inches tall. I got about 50 inches total in.. 4 ft of growing give or take.
    What y'all think time to switch by the distance of light to plant? ?
    Opinions. Please..
    Thanks! :D

    Also... how long after switch should I see a guaranteed sex.

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  2. Tbh I can't really help you due to lack of knowledge but can you tell me about your set up?

    What strain is she?
    What training have you done with her? Lst, topping and all that good stuff.
    And what make and wattage is that light your using?

    Sorry I can't be of help to your grow but I'm hoping you can help me if possible.

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  3. I think if you don't switch very soon you're going to run out of room. Also, you should be able to tell the sex a week or two after the flip. The pistils are likely already popping up though at that height.

    First grow using cfls.
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  4. I agree with MarcG420. Personally I would thin the plant out and give it some breathing room.
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  5. I can help, anything you wanna ask.
    It has been lollipopped hard to tell as it is a very bushy indica
    It's actually just some apghan bagseed.
    Using a mars300 led. Actual 140.
    Did not do any other training with this plant due to 2 pass hermies:(
  6. Thanks man. And I just did a trim up 7 days ago . Lol it's like keeping up with shaving my legs. It grows incredibly fast:p
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  7. Did you account for the yoyo hangers etc in your height calculations?..
    Figure at least 12" or more for these!
    Depending on a lot, you should see sex (white hairs we hope) within 2 wks or so..Sex is never guaranteed and you must be on the lookout for herms etc.
  8. Awesome thanks

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  9. We usually veg for around 10 weeks here. The larger the plant before you flower it, the better harvest you can get from it. Height shouldn't be an issue for you. You can easily control the height of your plant with the light you're flowering with. Keep light and plant as close as possible during flower and you'll get more bush than stretch. If your light is too far away, the plant is going to stretch to it and get tall and lanky. Keep good air movement going around your plant all the time, but keep good air going between the light and plant to prevent light burn. The flower lighting is the most important equipment you own with the indoor grow. The plant will only grow as much as your lighting forces it to. Nutes are just plant food. The thing you must have to get a decent harvest from a plant is enough wattage in the correct spectrum for bloom and each plant needs plenty of space to spread open so light can penetrate the canopy of the plant. I would spend another few weeks pruning it out and getting it the way I want it before flowering if it were me. Looks like you need more space to me. Everything up against the walls of your space is going to be denied light and buds that don't get it won't develop out. It's very very bushy too and that's going to make it tough for light to get down deep inside. I would try to figure out a way to get the light further away from it for a few days and make it stretch some and get more height on it and then go down inside and prune it pretty heavy before I flipped it. That would open it up some for better light penetration and give it a better chance for light to get down inside it. But keep in mind that light is only going to penetrate so far. Everything pretty much below that will just be scud anyway. I trim mine up pretty heavy from the bottom and cut away all the smaller junk that just crowds up around the bottom of the plant. Leaving plenty of room around the stalk allows you to get in and water it better and just makes it a little easier to deal with later on. We also put tomato cages around ours when we put them into flower. I don't use them to hold the buds up, just as something to tie to when the buds get heavy and need it near the end. They'll get so heavy with resin...if you have powerful enough light, that they'll break off if not supported. Using jute twine and tying to the metal frame allows me to support the ones that need it.

    It takes awhile to figure all this out and learn the tricks of the trade, but you get better and better at it with every plant you run. If you'll create a separate area for veg where you can keep a couple plants vegging, you can do a perpetual harvest and pull a plant every few weeks. Not sure how much weight you're going for per plant, but we are in an illegal state and have to resupply our flower rooms by cloning. Don't keep mothers. Just pull clones from the plants vegging to replace ones we're going to pull. But with a small 1 or 2 plant grow, you don't really need a ton of space. Pretty plant! TWW
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  10. I say flower now if height is issue. I waited on mine, and now have serious issues with light being too close.
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  11. I switched today!! Day 45. Did a little pruning. But not trying to stress my plant to damn much.
    I've had 2 unsuccessful grows last due to both being males.. I'm reeally hoping since I didn't mess with this one it turns female. I just wanna have a nice clean run mastered down. Then start worrying about how I'm gonna gain my yeild by doing curtain techniques and training.
    But as of rn. Everything is looking great in the flowering area. Besides I gotta find a way to drop the humidty :/ .
    Other than that. Let's see how this goes!

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