FLOWER TIME!! Mars Hydro LED Grow w/ Cookies Kush + Blue Steel + Tangie Clones

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  1. High All!
    Its been a while but were back. Ive been swamped with work, vaca's, and my mom just had her hip replaced so ive been taking care of her, and havnt had much time to post up in the forums.
    We have already vegged our 3 clones for about 3 months-ish from time they were clones and just switched to flower about a week ago now. We are not really sure when they were cloned and how long they were going before we got them.
    We topped, lolly popped and trimmed quit a bit more then we did last time. We even tried a little LST-ing this time all to allow the light to penetrate more and have more of the plants energy focused on the main stems.

    We currently have 3 clones (Cookies Kush, Blue Steel, and a Tangie) under 2 Mars Hydro's 300 watters and a 110 watt florescent light. These are the same lights we ended with on our first grow with this being our second attempt. We learned a lot on our first run and this run has gone a lot smoother so far (knock on wood). We are looking in to getting a Mars Hydro reflector light and have been in talks with Mars Hydro so stay tuned for some awesomeness!!!
    Below are a couple pics of when we first got the clones and what they look like today at the end of week 1 of flower.

    We have a long way to go in flower so stick around and see how the ladies turn out.
    Check out the youtube channel and our last grow journal in my signature!!!


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  2. Hi bluntme,
    Welcome back, hope your mom get better soon
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  3. Thanks Sara!!
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  4. Couple more things to note.
    For nutrients we are using a 3 part General Hydroponics nutrient cycle and we have used their recommended combinations of the 3 for each stage of growth of the plants.
    We have been feeding them the nutrients every other watering. We are watering every 2-3 days max right now. The plants seem a lot more thirsty then they have been.
    We switched a little before flowering into 5 gal pots where we only used 3 gal pots last time.
    Our plants are already taller then what our last plants finished at. So room is most likely going to be an issue for us.
    Guess we let them veg to long... but hey now we know.
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  5. how tall is your plants now? Did you do any trainning for them?
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    They are 3 1/2 feet from the ground including the length of the pots. our tent is 1 inch shy of 5 feet. and the lights can only go up so far. the lights are just about all the way up right now.
    im not sure what we are going to do if they keep growing upwards like they have been. im going to have to figure out how to shorten the length of the hangers for the lights some how.
    Our carbon filter is also at the top of the tent on the inside and getting in the way of raising 1 of the lights. but i think that could go on the outside of the tent on the opposite end of the exhaust fan and get it out of the way if needed.
    We topped the plants a lot this time. The blue steel, which is in the middle of the most recent pictures above, has always been the tallest so that one was topped more then the others to get them all to be the same height. but they all have a bunch of main stems and look promising.
    I also tried some LSTing this time. i noticed all of the branches were bunched together in the middle. so what i did is tie them down to spread them all out so that the light could penetrate and get to more of the plant.
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  7. i think after trainning they will not keep growing upward..they will grow more branches.
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  8. they can actually still grow while in flower. all the training we did made several other branches though and the nodes seem a lot closer together then our first plants did. with us lolly popping, topping and trimming up the plants a lot more this time before we flowered to allow the light to penetrate more, we are hoping for some nice big colas. *FINGERS CROSSED*

    buds are starting to really form up now and the tent smells so good. we are planning on doing a picture/video update this weekend so check back this weekend!
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  9. after the trainning,the growing will be slow down a little bit...but soon they will catch up....
  10. oh yea, when you top or trim the plants the growth deff slows down a bit while the plants heal themselves and then start growing like normal again.
    how ever, we already did all the training and are at the end of week 2 of flowering so there really isnt any training we can do to them any more.
    i was just saying they were growing more then we anticipated they would in flower. it does seem like they are starting to slow the upward growth and starting to focus more on bud growth now.
    so hopefully thats the case.
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  11. i bet your plants are growing well these days...they should totally recover from the trainning now
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  12. they are deff lookin pretty good. we are loving the 2 Mars Hydro lights that we have in there, but we need 1 more for the middle. ;)
    we are on the start of week 3 of flower now and trimed them up a bit more for the final stretch of flowering. Nothing else will be done to them now untill they finish other then getting their nutes when watering. and they are a thirsty bunch.
    We will be stopping the nutes when we think they have about 2 weeks left till they are finished to flush them out. so probably in another 3 weeks.
    Heres some pics below of what they are looking like now.
    Dont forget to check out the you tube channel in my sig below.:thankyou:

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  13. so which light you want to have in the middel.?haha
  14. the Mars Reflector 192.:D
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  15. Reflector192 is big light,coverage 4'x4',draw power around 380W.
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  16. haha yea. We are also looking into getting a bigger tent for our next cycle but it should still fit in the one we have now.
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  17. Our humidity has shot up in the tent. consistently around 50+% and the thermometer recorded a high of 71% that i saw a few days ago. so far so good but it does have me worried...

    Pic update coming soon!
    Dont forget to check the youtube page in my signature.
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    They are starting to fatten up a bit here at the end of week 5. They are very sticky if you acdidently brush up against a bud. Was so hard to get off my fingers from pulling a few leaves of with my fingers also. They also all smell really good.
    I can't wait to try it but we still have a ways to go.
    Here are some pics from today.
    Don't forget to check the youtube page!

    EDIT: Sorry the pics came out sideways then i messed them up flipping them.
    i tried to fix it but it didnt work that well.

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  19. The Blue Steel and Tangie seem to be near the end of their flower with maybe a week or so left. They are starting to turn out more brown hairs and the tricomes are starting to turn amber. The Cokies Kush seems to have more time left as it has almost no brown hairs yet.
    Here are some current pictures! 1507563705690.jpg 1507563715665.jpg 1507563723757.jpg 1507563733843.jpg 1507563743241.jpg 1507563751988.jpg 1507563755529.jpg 1507563761519.jpg
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    Got this crazy looking growth going on top of one of the colas. Its like a little shoot coming out lol. Not really sure what that's about. 1508379752585.jpg

    The tricomes are starting to turn amber and the hairs are turning to mostly brown. Some tricomes on the Blue Steel even have a bit of purple coming in, its so cool. Almost there! Some branches have had to be strung up because the weight of them are making them lean out from under the lights.

    There's a couple things I would change and I think we could dial in the nutes a bit better. but for our second run I am happy with how its going so far.

    PS - I guess my estimate on the time left before was way off since it looks like we still have a little time left

    Don't forget to check the YouTube page in my signature!!

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