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Flower Sermons 3rd Grow with CFL's

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by FlowerSermon, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. *subbed*

    im a clf grower myself, fairly new to it. Wondering, can you give an estimation to your last grow how much space that pant took up before harvest? Also, Im doing about two plants within 300w, thinks thats fine?

    link to my grow
  2. So I just came home from a 2 week trip which I entrusted my roommate to watch over the plant. Doesn't look like it's a good idea to go away from your plant, although my trip was pretty much unavoidable.

    I'm having trouble diagnosing my plant and will post in the sick plants section as well. It has these spots all over it that are white-ish, with leaves curling downward, mostly yellow/brown at the tips. The plant looks noticeably unhealthy right away, with very brittle leaves. Many of the leaves of the plant have been yellowing and dying. The plant does not smell like nuggets, however it does smell a little musty, which leads me to believe its powder mildew. The only reason I think it may be an infestation and not PM is because the PM supposedly can rub right off, but these spots stay when I try removing them. I did also have an unrecognizable bug crawling on my hand shortly after handling the plant.

    At first I figured that maybe because they were watered for 2 weeks with no ferts and they were not as well ventilated and had higher temps due to my absence that this caused the problems. However after feeding her yesterday, it seems the problems have only accelerated.

    I have posted some pics of it and if someone wants me to post more to help diagnose the problem, I'm down.

    This plant is about 6 weeks into flowering, and I was planning on flowering it 12 weeks....am I fucked?

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  3. Hey Sermon! :wave: How ya been bud?!

    Hey those looks like early burn marks bro, lay off the nutes a bit and/or flush her and you should be OK. Just to be safe though, check the under sides of the leaves for bugs...
  4. I checked under the leaves and could not find any bugs. I'm not sure if they are burn marks, however the AC unit of our aparement went out while I was away and it may have caused her to burn. The high on my thermometer was around 94 degrees (33 celcius), however the low was more than normal (22 celcius).

    Is there any way it could be milder without being able to brush off? I feel like theres a higher chance of mildew issue because it doesn't smell like nugget. By 6 weeks of flowering, it should fucking reek.
  5. Its very hard to tell from the pics but it looks like the problem is within the plant and not from outside the plant (like mold or mildew). Regardless, the buds are still looking really nice...
  6. Hey Sermon, see the leaf edges and how they curl down? That's most likely N toxicity there, or a chocked up soil. A flush might help too if you haven't done that. I don't thing temps have anything to do with it, MJ can take a lot of heat.

    Is this a clone? Mine don't reek nearly as much as the mothers, but the potency is a little better IMO :D
  7. I flushed her yesterday with 3.5 liters of fresh water. I don't get how it could be an N toxicity as when I was away I made sure she was only fed with bottled water, and didn't give her any nutrients for 2 weeks. The leaves had been yellowing/browning and dying off (as they continue to do) and there are these spots on the leaves that are white/greyish. I'll try and take more pictures to show the spots.

    My sense of smell may not be the keenest of all time, but I just feel like it smells musty around the plant, and I have had mold problems in the past, although I fully bleached the room after I had the mold last time.

    I may try a baking soda solution if the flush doesn't start to positively impact it. My only fear is that it is not a mold problem, but a defficiency caused by a improper Ph level. This wouldn't be a question if I had not lost my Ph testing kit I bought on my trip! UGHHHH
  8. Well I haven't been able to update for a little while, as I've been trying to keep a low profile. My red diesel succame to mold. I am pretty sure that there was mold since I went away for 2 weeks in July. Looking back on the pictures, what I thought were signs of mold, then thought weren't were most definetly signs of mold.

    I don't have a proper intake and out take fan for the closet, as it isn't possible. However my closet is in a room with AC, is a big walk in closet, and has fans inside it. When I am home, I keep the closet open when the lights are on, and ventilation isn't an issue. However I left the ac off and the window open to the room while I was away, and the closet door was closed, except for when my roommate watered. The lack of ventiliation combined with being fed large ammounts spread apart, probably led to the mold developing.

    I was 10 weeks into flowering, and the buds were still developing nicely. Went away for a day, and came back seeing that the night before had a high humidity of 77 percent, and mold ALL OVER the plant and literally every leaf dead. It couldn't have all developed overnight, it had to be what was making my plant look messed up before.

    Now I wll have to bleach my closet, and give all my equipment a good cleaning and try again. This time I have my hps light, and I am armed with more knowledge.

    ....I hate mold, it made me have to toss what would have been over 30 grams of heady red diesel. I HATE MOLD!

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