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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Bry420b, May 23, 2008.

  1. I have two female plants that have little bud sites all over, right now they are in 18/6 so do i have to put them on 12/12?
  2. how long have you had them vegging mate?
    how tall are they?
    have you been feeding veg nutes?

    do you want a good yield?(silly question you might think)
    plus what height width depth you got too play with?

  3. yea i want a good yeild, and dense buds, my plants are lookin real healthy and i kno for a fact they both are female, but im not sure how long they were vegging because they were given to me and the guy said they had 2 weeks before they start flowering heres a pic to give you an idea of their size and my setup


    they look alot healthier than they did in this pic, the pic was takin 2 days ago i fixed the nitro deficiency so all the yello is green
  4. lookin good mate & i see what you mean with a lot of budsites:)

    the longer you veg the more you yield.(factors, room size,pot size,time, the list goes on..)

    but saying that your plants will double if not triple in size when put onto flower so i would put them into 12-24hours darkness & then flick the switch to 12/12 & looking at your babies a good yield is coming mate.

    yeh put them on asap.

    happy growing & keep us posted on their progress bro;)

    all the best:smoke:
  5. Did you top them often during the veg cycle in order to get them that bushy and beefy stem?
  6. You can veg those plants as long as you like. They will refrain from maturing until the photoperiod is decreased to 12 hours unless you are growing a Ruderalis autoflower strain. Remember that they may stretch quite a bit once flowering is initiated so be carefull and make sure they have plenty of space. They look pretty bushy and if they were mine, I would probably switch to 12/12 very soon. Also, have you ever tried vegging with 24 hour lighting?

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