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  1. this is my first grow, I was wondering how much longer till I should put them to flower?also how do the plants look healthy or ? They got some yellow spots

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  2. A long time u got issues to fix 1st
  3. I see deficiency soil issues and over watering and possible lighting issues
  4. What lighting what soil what tempature how fars the light away are you using nutes and if so what kind what strain how old r they and how much are you watering and how frequently
  5. Run them about 30 inches from a 300 watt led light, dr earth soil with vermiculite. No nutes, they are about a month and a half old, the strain is Larry berry
  6. I been LST for a while, I water every 2 days
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  7. Whats the name of the light
  8. Mars hydro300
  9. Drop that light down to about 14 inches
  10. I had it there before but was burning my leaves
  11. Put it close hold you hand above the top leaf and adjust till you feel the back of you hand get warm not hot
  12. Atleast 16 inches or less
  13. take a phillips head screwdriver and put a ton of holes in that pot
  14. Dude!!! THEY DON'T LOOK HEALTHY... also how long have you vegged them. They look stringy.

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  15. That's a 132 watt light your gonna need another lets talk about soil it looks horrible go buy you a bag of fox farm happy frog or ocean forest and transplant and add about 30% perlite your burn marks on the leaves are from the soil. You need alot of holes in those pots to allow air and drainage you plant is suffering since its a photoperiod plant you can still fix all these issues
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  16. Switch your light totally. Grab a florescent T5. Veg them for at least another 3 weeks. You want them healthy before you switch. If you haven't repotted them I would do so. You should probably do it any way. Keep you T 5 36 in away from top of the pot. It looks like you have nutrient prob. Most likely nitrogen. Grab some dry ice and put it in your grow room. Be careful. And do research, it will release large amounts of co2 which will help your plants flourish. THE BIGGEST THING YOU CAN DO TO GET AN AWESOME CROP IS RESEARCH

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  17. These are my babies. Day 62 veg. LST, 10 more days just letting them veg out. Then a super crop and and another 6 days to heal up and then a switch to 12/12 on a 400 Hps[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. Dry ice is co2
  19. And not enough co2 to do dick since were measuring heres my lady's 1000w hps veg for 6-7 weeks week 5 of flower 1497828240291.jpg
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  20. How can you tell nitrogen with the burple light

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