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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mokepot, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. ok in another thread i had said that i had a few plants under 18 hours of light for about a month, then something come up and i couldn't leave them inside anymore, so i took them outside and they have been outside for 9 days down, i also put some flowering nutes on them a few days ago. i'm still not even sure of the sex i think one is female but not sure about the other one. but anyway i was wondering if there are any things that will prevent a plant from flowering? like inadequate light? becaz these plants aren't in direct sunlight and there haven't even been a whole lot of light around here lately? so i have read that a plant will usually flower in 2 weeks time, but that is probably in optimal conditions right? so my question is will the plants even flower, and if it does could it take longer than 2 weeks since my light source isn't that great? thanks for any help...:smoking:
  2. Definitly, one of the main causes of low yield is improper lighting, weather you have enough? Im not sure....

    I think it takes about 2 weeks to see sex, alot longer to actually produce a good yield.

    Im not too sure I , nor anyonelse can answer this question for you, but sounds to me like you proly know how its gonna turn out, and I think it would behoove you to get it more light somehow, absolutely no way to bring it back in?

    Anyway, sorry I couldnt be of much help, good luck.
  3. hey thanks for the reply and no i can't bring it back in, and i don't expect a great yield anyway, given my circumstances, anything would be fine to me. and i don't mean 2 weeks for a harvest or anything, i just mean like 2 weeks to start flowering, showing hairs everywhere, i was just wondering since my light isn't that great will it take longer than 2 weeks to start seeing the hairs all over? thanks for any help...:smoking:
  4. Even in low light (so long as the duration is correct, ie. 12+ hours of darkness for most strains), a plant will still flower bang on schedule, albeit with smaller, less dense duds.

    The usual thing that prevents plants from flowering is light leaking into its dark period. Is there a bright streetlight nearby, perhaps?

    Too much Nitrogen is said to delay flowering, but I've got a sativa that's so dozed it's hooky, and it started flowering within three days of 12/12, so perhaps that only applies to certain strains.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up MU, you have a better idea on his position I think.

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