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  1. Seems several of us are at the same rate of growth.

    My question has to do with plams and flowers.
    I assume we want to get light to the flowers and the plams are secondary, nmost of the palms are going to fall off anyway.

    Is it proper to trim some of the plams to clear a path of light for them?

    If so how much of the plams can we lose by trimming to do so?

    My flowering plants have shot up and one has stopped upward growth and it working on flowers (goody goody) It's not a problem withthis one cause she's is the type with thin leafs and light gets through with no problem.

    But teh others have the wide large leafs and the priflowers are being blocked..this one is about a week or twp behind the other so I don't know what the plams are going to do and she is still shooting up at this time..she is 5 foot tall and loaded with preflowers. I had to put wooden sticks on her to hold her up. I'd bet she's holding 8 OZ of plams right now.
    This is the one that came from 5 yr old seeds of some of the best smoke I ever had M/F is still a question at this time.
    Fingers toes and eyes crossed.
  2. the thin leaved one will be a sativa and the wide leaved will be an indica....you are growing a monster if you're only flowering at 5 foot....most triple by the time they've fully matured!!......as for trimming...yes by all means trim, but remember that the the fan leaves are essential to photosynthesis and you shouldn't remove too many......here's a pic of my last sativa at over 7 foot.....Peace out...Sid

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