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  1. Once you move to flowering, is it still necessary to have some light on the vegative (lower) sections of the plant where no flowers are, or would it be best to concentrate all light resources at flower level?

    Will the plant be able to feed from the top or does it need a couple lights lower down to support the plant.
  2. Flowering is like veg light wise you want the plant immersed in light. The more light the bigger the bud. Light feeds the plant as well..as flowering can take 60 days + your plant still has a ways to go.
  3. Same as above poster :)

    You can put all your lights at the top but then your lower branches will not produce buds. (my plants budding is even from top to bottom, CFL grow with even amounts all over)

    So if you want to concentrate on just one main cola, lights only at the top. If you want good overall budding lights all over, or as best as you can get. So its a matter of personal preference. I would put lights all over.

    Once the plant goes to flowering the whole plant is in flower not just one spot :)
  4. Just to make sure there's no confusion, I'll second (third) that.

    Saturate 'em in light to get the whole plant covered in buds, like in my avatar.
  5. One easy thing to try to remember when your growing anything indoors is .. what is it like outside? The sun is almost omnidirectional..so your plants need to be bathed in lights, theres wind/breeze's outdoors...why you have a fan, air moves around outide...why you need ventaliation, a plant outside grows its roots as it exhausts its nutrients...why you nute your plant etc etc.

    If you can keep that in mind and replicate that the best you can in a microenviroment then your plant will do well. 99% of almost all the fails of grows is the grower not the plant. Growers try to negate millions of years plant evolution and grow it in a loony enviroment.
  6. You convinced me.:D

  7. lol its very true. people do the wierdest grows. Like one tiny bulb 10 feet away, water 20x a week, use crazy soil, grow in a dresser without ventalation. then there mystified why there grow is a total fail.

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