flower light set up for grow space?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nick3090, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. hello everybody at GC i'm new here and have realized that there is alot i can learn from this forum so i have a couple questions about a grow closet.

    Dimensions: 32 in. Heigth
    34 in. Width
    24 in. Depth

    My current supplies for flowering: 2 foot T5 florecent tube with reflector
    4 26 watt soft white cfl's
    large bottle of foxfarm grow big nutes

    What kinda of light set up should i get if i want to flower lets say 4-6 plants? also what kind of ventilation and air flow set up would be best. my budget is about $200.

    Right now i have a bunch of seedlings i germinated in rock wool that are currently in cups full of fox farm ocean force organic soil. they are under 4 26 watt cool whites and 1 26 watt sun light in a grow box coated with mylar. also including exhaust and intake fans.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  2. only 32" in height? i don't think you're gonna be able to pull of 4-6 plants. you could probably start out with 4, then after sexing, cut it down to 2. you'll also probably need to think about LST.
  3. What about a 125 watt 2700k cfl with a hydrofarm reflective hood and an all mylar interior.

    How many plants could i fully flower in that area with that strength of a light?
    And what kind of air cooling set up would i need?
  4. your plants are going to get 3 ft tall. you should try to just grow a single plant
    maybe lowrider strain because i heard those stay short
    but i dont know shit
  5. the only problem is i can't get my hands on any legit seeds so i'm using bag seed. i'm going to try and give my grow area a little more heigth but will that light set up sufice for the kind of grow i'm looking for?
  6. each plant should get AT LEAST 100w
    it is best to you HPS lights they give way better smells and tastes to all plants
  7. What size HPS bulb should i use for a space like that considering heat and cooling?
    200 watt?
  8. i dont know much. but 250w is supposed to do an excellent job for just a few plants...i think you might be able to pull off one plant with 150w hps
    but im not sure you should look into that a little on google or something

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