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flower leaves turning black

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by VRamono, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Is it normal for the leaves coming out of the buds to turn black? Maybe they are dark purple, but my color sight is pretty bad, so I'm not sure.

    It seems though that the leaves on the top bud are starting to turn black on the edges. At first I thought it might be mold, so I sprayed them for that, but the leaves still have black on them.

    I have attached a photo, it is an outdoor plant, but kept indoors under lights when raining or cloudy, and to round the light hours to 12.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  2. Temps gettin colder
  3. happens on some strains

    check out my week 9 Lavender

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  4. So its from weather getting colder. One other thing is a couple of the buds came off when I was checking for bugs. They were two smaller buds, one near the top, and one near the bottom. The buds were not wilted, but they detached at the base of the stem, they kinda popped off the plant. Is that normal? The buds seemed fine so I just threw them in the oven for a bit and smoked them. Got a really good high from the two little buds.
  5. Also, by the way, very beautiful plant. How long to harvest for it?
  6. thanks, I'm going to chop her in 10 days

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