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  1. New member saying hello to all. I'm a baby boomer from the Woodstock generation. I am new to vape, but learning fast. Finally I am able to consume MMJ legally, to help with chronic back pain due to 2 blown discs. This has been life changing for me at this stage in my life. I am now able to work pain free at my cabinet business. Life is good. I am looking forward to reading many posts related to questions that I have, and learning all I can from the experts. Chow
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  2. Hello and welcome to GC. you and I must be around the same age.
    Check out the 60+ thread too!
    I hope you make a lot of friends here at GC. Everyone here is so warm and friendly!:passing-joint:
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  3. Welcome to GC Lemon! I hope to see you around a lot on here. Im sure people will kindly answer any questions you have as well.:love:

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  4. Thx guys. I will have a bunch of newbee questions soon. Cheers
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  5. No were not...

    No we wont...

    Yeah na, just playing & this is a pretty cool place to hang out in. Way bloody better than that New age Facebook:confused:...
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  6. Welcome. We're the same generation and glad to have made it this far. This is a good site with helpful people and lots of useful info.
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  7. more to come
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  8. Glad you found us.:wave:
  9. Welcome aboard.
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    Yep i know all about that myself working as a storeman, lifted to many box's the wrong way & compressed my L4 & L5 disc's that squashed my sciatic nerve in my pelvis of my left leg.

    Weed doesn't do anything for pain for me. I haven't tried any CBD yet, but i like my THC for night time sleep.
  11. Yep, I've been a carpenter in the home construction business since my mid teens. Currently own a one man cabinet punch/repair service LLC. My back problems started early during High School football drills, and grew worse over the years working on a framing crew, and racing dirt bikes. I recently got my MMJ card from the fine folks in the crystal palace, and I am enjoying stress free consumption. Fortunately, there are several good dispensaries scattered around my local area run by different companies. I have been experimenting with flower, vape, and oils so far. I bought a mid level vape battery from Amazon, and it is working sweet. I'm on a tight budget, so I want to keep costs as low as possible. A few questions for the group.
    Is it cost effective to refill your vape tanks at home with distillates? I am currently paying $30.00 for a prefilled 1/2 gram (500ml) tank. I have watched a few you tube videos, and getting the thick, sticky oil hot enough to work with seems to be the biggest challenge. I can get 1 gram (1000ml) distillate oils in a glass syringe for $60.00. Anyone know where to buy syringes designed for working with hot oils with a blunt tip needle?
    Please share any and all money saving tips. Thx

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