Flouros w/ 6400k spectrum ok for flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chromeblazed, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Thinking about switching to these lights (they are 2 seperate lights, with four 4' High Output Bulbs, 6400K grow spectrum. Would these be good for veg and flower? How many baby girls could i support with this light? How close should the light be?

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  2. They would only be good for veg. Flowering stage needs more yellow and red in the spectrum to make dose buds.
  3. It says it comes with two red lights to replace two of the four blue lights when flowering would i still need yellow lights to produce more yield or would red and blue be ok?
  4. I think the red would be ok.
    That looks like a nice light.
  5. T5 fixture, should be ok for Flowering but if you can swap a couple of them for Warmer color around 3400K (like 4 of them) will give you dual spectrum which will work much better for you for flowering.

    but if you cant that will work just fine.
  6. Switch out to the red bulbs included (they should be 3400K color spectrum)
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/Sunleaves-Pioneer-IV-T5-Fluorescent-Grow-Light-Fixture_W0QQitemZ7758248982QQcategoryZ42225QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    Thinking bout switching to these lights to veg and flower. They also have a 6 and 8 flouro system. For flowering I will switch all the bulbs to red spectrum, blue when vegging or should i leave some blue lights in. How many girls can i flower with the 4 flouros, 6 flouro, or 8 flouro. Hoping to flower 6 with the 4 red spec flouros. ok? Will i get the same yeild if i were to have used HPS?
  8. I would be curious to know how many watts you would get with the 6 and 8 system. It does not say on the link. For that price I can almost guarantee that they can not out perform a 400 watt hps light, which you can get at half the price for a refurbished ballast and about that price for a brand new one. Going along with that thinking I would say that the HPS will still yield you more in the end watt for watt. Get that light if heat and stealth operations are an issue. Otherwise for the money I would just go for an HPS.
  9. you read right thru reasoning. Heat is an issue since i'm growing in my closet the only way to vent is open the closet and put the fan on. I also have 2 other roommates completely unaware of my situation. How much less yeild are we talking about? in percentage.
  10. Proabably not much of a yield loss. Going with that light should yield you some very nice pot.
  11. I've used the one in your first post. It is a good light. I got decent results and it was a little friendlier on my power bill. I think my yield was only reduced by about 15% or so. The lights work. I thnk to be cost effective though, you would need some sort of larger grow area where you were using several of these in lieu of several MH/HPS lights.

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