Flouros surrounding plants...help?

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  1. Flouros surrounding plants...help?
    Help out the nebie Flouro grower. I have 10 master Kush babys about 2odays old. The are under 165 watts of flouros. I know I need more light in my 3.75ft by 1.75ft closet. my current lights take up all the space above the plants for lights so I'm going to add lights on the sides. This is where i need help. I plan to add 80 watts on the walls in the front and back of the plants for (160 total) then add 40 watts on the sides of the plants (total 80 watts). These adjustements would bring my room to about 405 watts or roughly 58watts per square ft. My questions are:

    1) will this setup work

    2) should I balance the lights (wattage) around the sides of the plant. I've noticed the plants grow toward light. I'm scared they may grow awkwardly toward the lights..

    3) Do I have too many plants in one room. I hoping to make them about 3 ft tall. I will remove the males upon discovery

    Please don't tell me to buy HPS. I'm not home enough to deal with the fire risk or energy cost or build an exhuast fan.
  2. How much heat does one of those 400 watt HPS put out Woody?

  3. Yeah, I've been wondering that for awhile now but can't seem to find an answer anywhere. Ventilation seems to be a real key when it comes to growing from what I've learned.
  4. about HPS...

    The light is COOLER then florecents at equal wattages. a 400 watt bulb is cooler then 10 - 40 watt bulbs. heat is consentrated at the source on HPS where the heat is dispursed along the 4' of the glass tube for the florecent. HPS is only 1 bulb to worry about rather then 10. the light comes from a single source so its better for your plants and all in all its just a better experience.
  5. Try and follow this cause my strong points are not explaining things ..just knowing them.

    The heat output from lighting power usage is the same as if you had a radiant heater the only difference is light as a by product.
    The input power wattage of 1500 watts going to lighting will give off the same amount of heat as a 1500 radiant heater.
    Some sources of light are more effeicent then others when it comes to what you are doing with the light
    Examples would be laser,growlights,floodlights all of which are different depending on what you are trying to illumnate.

    The heat associated with lighting is a waste product, were the same energy be used solely for heat it would have a 100% usage ratio.

    With HPS you get the lumen output plus wasted heat from the transformer.
    Same with fluorescent.
    Spectrum color appears to be an issue due to likes and dislikes pertaining to usage by plants.
    Because fluorescent tubes tend to increase light above the power input they appear to be cooler.
    And interesting factor is lasers. They use crystal materials that have fluorescent properties mixed in the crystal that increases the light as it bouces back between mirrors then released causing the laser beam.
    BUT the power input vers heat output is the same if it were any kind of light producing device.

    I will refer for clearity to Spock and may the force be with you!

    1500 Watts = 5120 BTU

    A 400Watt HPS puts out about 1280 BTU per hour.
    A 1 ton A/C removed about 12,000 BTU per hour.
    A 1 ton A/C would be used in a home of about 1200 sq foot living space.

    I was trying to put in terms you might understand.
    I am sure there is going to be some student out there that will be able to confuse the issue a lot better them I have.

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