flouro light question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheHempMan, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. can you flower with a flouro light and if you did what would happen.
  2. You need like 125 Watts per plant!
    I have seen you ask this question in 3 posts!
  3. waht are you taling about?? you can grow from seed to buds under floros. all you need is 4 tubes per foot so if you have a 2'x4' area buy 4 4' 40w warm floros and 4 4' 20w cool or daylight floros for veg. Expect around .2-.4 G/w so the 2x2 setup mentioned would yeild about 1-2.5 oz depending on the grow style (loosely spaced ScrOG works well). hps still rocks over floros though.
  4. testing camera to show pics of grow room.

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  5. dam stoners... :smoke: But do you realy think the gov't would care if hees growing floros anyways :D. Or he could be smarter then we think and he dosent live stateside.
  6. or maybe that pic isnt me and its a picture i got on the web to see if its my camera not working right or the computer and ive figered out that its the camera by posting that pic.
  7. mabey.... :)
  8. sounds like stoner logic to me
  9. no punctuation deffenetly makes anything stoner logic :D

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