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  1. Hello everyone I want to start growing indoors.
    I have a 3 tube, 40w each tube. 4' flouro fixture
    with 2 cw plus 1 full spectrum.
    I also have a 18" 15w cw I also plan on buying one or two spiral 35w bulbs (flouro) I was going to use the 3 bulb light fixture tell they get week or two old then I was going to use other flouros plus another 4' 2 tube cw fixture for the sides
    this is all I want to buy for now. Might buy a hps maybe 250w
    for flowering and use hps + a couple flouros
    what i want to know is how many plants can I grown in this setup (without hps for now)
    Also can anyone send me an e-mail with some flouro tips.
    I know you guys are going to tell me just to buy hps
    but right now i dont have the money for it and I recieved
    all of the flouros for free. plus dont like the idea of haveing
    another $40+ to my elect for the hps
    any help would be great
  2. Last week I harvested 24g (dry weight) from three plants I grew in a wardrobe under 100w of Fluoro Lighting.
    Seeing as though you've got a bit more watts, you could probably expect a larger yeild.
    One of my plants was stunted so it didn't give much more than 5-6g. Anyway, I by no means consider myself an expert on ANY aspects of growing but I can give you a couple of helpers that I have picked up from here and there.

    *Get the flouros as close to the tops of the plants as possible (even as close as 1/2 inch).
    *Get a fan in there to cool and ventilate. If possible have the fan blowing across the lower/middle part of the plant (I've found that this strenghtens the stems and ventilates well) as the top of the plant wont get too hot 'cause of the fluoros.
    *Don't water too much! Under fluoros the plants aren't going to need as much so only water when the pot feels light (almost completely dry)!
    *Tie down the branches so that the plants "spreads" more - you'll need to because the fluoros wont pentrate very far (it looks like the light is hitting the leaves down low but it doesn't do bugger-all).
    *If you can, when you can, get a HPS (even 100w is fine).

    Don't dispair when you read about fluros being crap. They will produce - just not as much.
    Good luck!

    *Any corrections welcome!

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