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flourescent lights

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Boesak, Nov 3, 2001.

  1. People say you can use flourescent lights. Do these refer to a specific type of hydro flourescent light or can this be just anyone from a home wares shop. Another thing is what to look for when purchasing flourescent lights? Thanks
  2. buy the "Channel lite"s each will hold 1 tube. Reason I say those is they are easy to add 1 at a time,,they can be connected together side by side via a piece of angle steel thus taking up less space than the 2 bulb shop lite..You can use warm white/cool white tubes in combination.I would use no less than 4 tubes,,in a small area.more area..more tubes.

    An option I use is 1 gro-lux tube for every 3 other tubes...
  3. i use twin bulb 48inch 80 watt with plant & aqarium bulbs! they work great set up this way!i by them new each year so i have safe as well as working lighting!$24shop light and bulbs wont brake you!ilike the tween setit give two paths of light to the plants centerd between them its great for shellves! and young plant up to 4 weeks!also the new light dont need starters there built in!good luck tazz11
  4. this is flouro grow with lamps side by side.....

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  5. thats the same as my grow lights for my seed room ! cool it looks great! you make me proud grass hoper!but were is the recliner chair and mike hard lemonaid!and the big screen tv ,its not for you ! the plants get the best !tazz11
  6. damn ndica how many watts of flours u got?>
  7. These have 480w per hood.
  8. why dont you convert to hid... you would save a lot of money
  9. LOL......Flouros are much better for this stage of the game,,clones. HID would be the next room.
  10. lol i seen that come!
  11. yep,....
    even I saw that one comming
  12. Shoulda seen it from my end..............LOL


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