Floros vs CFLs?

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  1. Did you notice a tendency that some sprouts will grow faster under CFLs than Floros? Which do you prefer to use during veg cycle?
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    cfl is a floro. CFL stands for compact fluorescent light. just in case you didnt know. The reason they grow better under cfls is because the concentration of light is higher. If the CFL say 25 watts.. thats 25 wats over that 2 inch space(the size of the bulb) same rule applys for floro tubes. the light concentration isnt as great because the watts is spread over a greater area.

    Personally.. I use floros for both I have 2 2ft t12 fixtures that have 40 watt tubes in them 2700k for my cloner setup.
    For my veg setup I have 4 (shop lights) 4ft t12 fixtures screwed together in 'badboy' style with 40watt tube bulbs. I have great results.[​IMG]
  3. Yep, it's a CFL...
  4. Samething....... I like LED's .....

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