Florida's Official 2010 mid-term election thread

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    Not sure how much success this thread will have, but figured what the hell.

    Floridians know how back assward this state is regarding marijuana laws. We have the toughest in the nation. And to change that we have to change the people in office. 2010 will be an important year because the governors seat is up for grabs. Apparently Gov. Charlie Christ is looking to run for the Senate. We don't want that. If you remember Gov. Christ inacted marijuana cultivation laws 3 times tougher than the federal laws. Obviously, he's not our ally. We must do all we can to keep him from getting the Senate seat.

    Here's a link with a list of all the positions available for the 2010 November 2nd vote.

    Florida 2010 Midterm Election

    The Governors seat, Senate, and House of Representatives seats are up for grabs. I would like to see this thread become a meeting place to discuss the candidates up for election. If we vote in the right people, we can make the right laws, and change our draconian marijuana laws.

    I would suggest anyone else in other states to do the same, create an "official" mid-term election thread for your state. We can make a huge difference.
  2. I want Rubio to win for two reasons.

    1) I like Rubio
    2) I fucking hate Crist.
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    Rubio is definetly Mr. Red State. E-mail him. Ask him his thoughts about Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization, and legalization. Also ask him how many guns he owns.

    Who's your Representative?

    For the Senate it's a bit too early for me to say, but if I had to vote tonight, I think it would be Kevin Burns (I think he burns).:smoke:

    exerpt from his website on his bio:

    "Kevin graduated from Miami Edison High School in 1976, which had a majority African American student population. He took classes in the morning and in the afternoon attended Miami Agricultural School, where he raised animals and learned about farming and the land. There, he became a leader in Future Farmers of America (FFA), and ultimately won the FFA’s highest honor, the American Farmer degree, for his Christmas tree business – one of only two American Farmer degrees ever won in Miami Dade County. He was also awarded an Honorable Mention from the Miami Herald’s Silver Knight program, sponsored by the Knight Foundation – still one of South Florida’s most prestigious student honors."

    Christmas tree business? You know he grows.
  4. I don't live in Florida, but I follow a lot of campaigns very closely because of my semi-frequent work in the Public/Media relations caves of several campaigns. Florida tends to be a real bellweather for most of the United States in a multitude of different ways, so Florida elections get watched VERY closely.

    From the standpoint of Presidential elections, since 1992 two states have mattered more than any others, Florida and Ohio. So even smaller elections in Florida get very closely scrutinized.

    I don't know what Rubio's stance on medical MJ is, but if you email the campaign you should get a basic policy response within 1-2 business days.

    I suspect his position, and the response you will get is something like "Personally opposed, but it should be a states rights issue." Which, from where I sit, is the real path the progress on the matter. Only when the federal government is stops oppressing the states, and the ability to regulate these matters is returned to the states where it belongs, will we make serious social and legal progress across the country.

    If California wants to allow people to buy Marijuana from any store without a license, let them, if Maine wants to have MMJ only, let them, if Kansas wants to ban consumption, let them, if Illinois wants to let each individual county decide, let them.


    ALTERNATIVELY, you might get a "Mr. Rubio is opposed to Marijuana consumption and thinks keeping drugs away from our children is important, but more importantly is preserving our country for future generations by stopping Charlie Crist and preventing Obama's policies on X, Y and Z from taking hold." Which wouldn't realy tell you anything at all about the candidate's general position, but is simply a pre-written focus group approved response (this is often recognizable when a message returns to campaign talking points ASAP)
  5. Crist will lose to the teabaggers who want to purify the GOP.
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    This is one philosophy that I agree with and Republicians love to claim, but somehow never seem to achieve, and that's smaller government. Basically your saying disband the DEA, Drug Czar, and any other federally supported drug and narcotics enforcement. For this to become a reality, however; we have to vote in the right folks in the house and senate to change these federal laws being imposed upon the states. I whole heartedly agree, cut the legs off the federal government.

    Maybe we should let bugs bunny cut the legs off

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiTM2HQ0g98"]YouTube- Bugs Bunny Cuts Florida Loose[/ame]

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