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Florida's Mango Kush!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Enrk, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Just picked up an eighth of mango kush for 60 here in Florida. This Bud really frosty ,smells and tastes really good!!! I took only two bowls out of my pipe and was Flying big time!!! haha:smoking: but yeah here are some pics of a nug




  2. Looks super yummy
  3. Fuckin' dank, mmm. Where in FL you at? Lotsa yummy mango goin' around lately. :smoke:
  4. Looks like some sweet dank you got there :smoke:
  5. +rep we in florida have great pine.... i love mango kush too! what part of florida are you from?
  6. Nice. I saw some mango around here a month or so ago - it was pretty dank like that
  7. Nice OP, very tasty looking nugget. Either someone is growing ALOT of it, or multiple growers growing the same strain. Was getting Mango around this part of FL a couple mos back and it was really good...
  8. lol. yes we do!
  9. Who in Florida hasn't smoked Mango..?
  10. I've yet to smoke Mango, lookin forward to that day, I know it'll come.. :smoke:
  11. I got ahold of a quarter of Mango about a month ago. Awesome bud! Packed a bowl of that and went flying.:smoke:
  12. had this in a blunt a couple weeks back

    have never had anything better besides a strain called "old greg"

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