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Florida420bud's 300th Post- my entire stash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Florida420bud, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. #1 Florida420bud, Feb 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2009

    Every weed related i own haha. i was sitting at home bored so i decided to take out my whole stash

    Picture 1: A ton of dank kief ive collected over the past few months. new bowl i got yesterday- only got to use it once because a dumb friend of mine knocked it in to the sand. Any suggestions on how to get it out?

    Picture 2: Two torch lighters and a yellow one, with a custom wood piece from panama that my friend got me. and the doob tube

    Picture 3: Second piece i bought, really thick glass and super deep bowl. easy to clean, i think its going to last me forever

    Picture 4: Scale i got about a month ago, and leftovers from a quarter. theres one nug of purple kush and the rest are SUPER dense nugs of no name

    Picture 5:Mini bong i got a couple months ago, i just ripped it haha. and for all the deadheads in the city, the greatful dead bear about to hit the bong :smoking:

    Picture 6: My on the go stash haha, complete with a small jar, bowl, lighter, papers, and baggies- all of it is stored in the blue crest white strips box thing haha.

    Picture 7: Some more lighters, and my first piece. i got it with a bowl already packed in it for 10 bucks from a friend haha.

    Tell me what you guys think..enjoy

    Attached Files:

  2. Hey good stuff man, I like that tiki man statue bowl thing. +rep bro
  3. Where you at in Florida?

  4. west palm beach, what about you?

  5. thanks bro
  6. i have that scale cept my model weighs down to the .00hundreth of a gram.
    i would not reccomend the model I have. it's annoying having every 1/8 be short .02-5 or having to weigh to the .00 when you weigh sacks.. annoying.

    ya nice stash
    i need to buy another kief box.. every time i buy one i sell it like 2 months later. last one was a double silk screen wicca box.. sold it for 60 bucks a month after i got it.. :/
  7. happy 300th, you ready to go whoop some persian ass?
  8. damn im not to far from west palm beach. im in the tampa area.

  9. yea not to far at all. do you get good bud over there?
  10. dude i'm all about thrashing persians

    you have cool bowls, opie.

  11. thanks bro
  12. dude i have a bong just like that except it is green
    those little fuckers rip

  13. haha i know bro, people see it and dont expect it to rip as hard as it does.
  14. no one?at all? haha
  15. niqq man where in tampa im up off dale mabrey and bearss
  16. Happy 300th post dude!

    You have some really nice spoons man, really like the last one!

  17. thanks bro
  18. hey man, likin the pieces. nice collection. Its snowing here in new england, i wish i was wit you in florida haha :D
  19. nice mini bong, am in Miami, hows the bud in West Palm?

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