Florida Weed

Discussion in 'General' started by jollypanda, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Florida Weed: That unwanted plant growth in the yards of Floridians. :(

  2. I hear the weed in Florida's good.
  3. dude florida has some amazing dank for good prices, i dont know what your talking about
  4. OK - Where? I have no hook-ups. It's tough being middle age - all your friends don't smoke! Even here in Gainesville, I can't get any :(
  5. I heard FL weed was good too,;

    Where? Try orlando, or any big city, im sure you will find somebody to hook you up
  6. Everyone in UF smokes lol I'm sure you can find some college kids you can ask :wave:

    And idk about the weed up North, some say it's really good and some say it's okay.

    Here in the South we are spoiled. Never a dry season, all you find is dank or medical. Of course mids and schwagg exist but it's not nearly as abundant as the dank and medi stuff. Maybe you should consider growing :p

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