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Florida Vacation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xxkmanxx, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. im goin to Orlando, Florida for vacation and i wanted to know how hard it is to find weed there..... :)

  2. every body is going to florida these days

    but to answer your question, i have no clue
  3. I can't help you with florida but it does seem every one is headed in that direction!!!
  4. I'm going sometime this summer but I'm going to South Florida. My friend told me to not travel with anything since it's so easy to get around there. I'd say that it wouldn't be that different in Orlando.
  5. I lived in orlando for 6 months...not very hard at all...pretty damn good weed.....Although i was homeless for a while.....i was able to get weed everyday....but..had to deal with the crackheads and shit like that...but..there was this dude name "joe" and he was jamaican and i'd always smoke a blunt with him. But he was cool. anyways...its not hard to get weed....just find someone you trust. in downtown. Near the bus stop...There should (i havent been to orlando in like 2 years) be a hot dog stand dude standing there...ask him. :) trust me.
  6. how would i get some? since im only gonna be there on vacation. should i ask around? i know, thats risky......

    please help :)
  7. bump.......

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