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  1. I am moving to Florida in a few weeks.
    I would like to find out how the people are down there and what it's like to be a stoner there.
    Any Florida stoners that can help me out?
  2. I have only been a Florida Stoner!
    Toking it up in Florida is okay, not as great as you might expect.
    The cops are nosy and they WILL fuck your life up for bud. There's also nothing like toking it up on the beach and watching the sunset.

    The people are generally pricks; mostly because they're retired and are sick of the youth. There isn't much of a Marijuana Culture here but it is growing! There is a medical marijuana bill in the works as you can see here [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8ZdDE-uhIc]YouTube - ‪Florida Medical Cannabis Bill - Press Conference‬‏[/ame]
    The bud here is pretty decent but it also depends on where you are located. If you're not buying from some small guy, you're most likely going to have to rely on the ghetto to get your fix. Pills are very common here so you MUST watch out and examine your bud to make sure you didn't get the wrong stuff.

    It's an interesting place with shitty people but pretty girls and pretty beaches. Have fun here bro!!! May I ask where you're moving to?
  3. There actually is a good stoner culture here, just wonder around Gainesville, University Ave. in particular, you'll find it. As for the cops, yea they're nosy little fucks who think they are above the law. Lotta old people who think its the devils personal orgy plant or some other bullshit. And its hot, really fucking hot.
  4. It's pretty much the same up here in Virginia. The people are mostly old but most of the youth are stoners. I have a buddy that is from Florida and he told me the same thing about the pills. He gets hooked up with Ecstasy, but I prefer the green. Cops up here are pretty strict as well but I'm pretty sure as long as I keep it out of the way as I do here I'll be fine.
    I'll be moving to Orlando.

  5. I do enjoy the heat as here in Virginia it can get pretty fucking cold.
    And cops are usually a problem anywhere.
  6. In that case get high and go to Universal Studios, you'll have the time of your life.

  7. Haaa sweet. By the way how are the prices?
  8. All depends on the area but in Orlando you can prob get 50/3.5gs of some pretty nice dank. The prices will be much better than Virginia
  9. You better have money to spare, tickets are like 70 dollars last time I checked, and I don't remember if thats for one park or both of them (they have to parks on location, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios, you need to buy a special ticket if you want to go to both of them).

    Edit: Oh you meant weed lol. Well its gonna depend on the person but average prices around Gville are $25 a half eight and $50 an eight for the highest quality.

  10. That is actually much better than over here. Bud can get pretty expensive and we have had many dry spells.

  11. Oh I meant for bud. Sorry for not clarifying.
  12. If you move to the south, you will not have to worry about bud. All dank or medical though, so gotta have that money ready.

  13. Oh well that sounds about right. Gotta love that dank. How strict are the laws?
  14. It all depends on who you know. I know a guy with 50 a 8th on run of the mill dro. Then i know a guy with 50 an 8th on strains. Mids are common, but theyre varied. By that i mean, its usually always 20 an 8th, 35 a quarter, 60 an 8th, 120 an o. But the quality can either be low mids, or some fire ass beasters. Depends on whats going around. Like others have said, watch out for pills, and careful if you meet some people to smoke with, people like to add oxys and stuff to their bud, not alot, but theyre are a few. (just gotta throw this in: banoxycontin.com :] )
    But yea, smokers are varied, youve got your ghetto smokers, redneck smokers, wigger smokers, general stoners, punk rock smokers, even emo smokers. If you skateboard or anything, skate by local parks and look for other skaters. 9/10 they or their friends can get you bud, the older ones(20+) can usually get you good stuff. But the younger ones(19-) will usually only have mids. As for cops, i havent dealt with them yet(knock on wood).

    Just dont be too obvious, and dont be too desperate, dont be afraid to flex either, some people will try to screw you over, but as long as your not in the bad areas, you should be safe.
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    Oh not really :( i wish i could otherwise
  16. Here is a link to NORML's site detailing the penalties for possession in FL

    IMO way too strict, but that's what happens when you live in a state dominated by elderly misinformed voters.

  17. Thanks for the info :D
    And even though you haven't dealt with cops, do you know exactly how strict they are?
  18. Welcome to the Sunshine state! Its true we do have some of the harsest laws for possesion, but it all depends on your arresting officer and how much of a douche you are to him/her. And believe it or not money helps. I've seen people get taken away in cuffs for a 10 sac of mids and I've seen all charges dropped and not a day of time for an ungodly amount of molly, pounds of medical, and some white.

    Most cops won't fuck with you if your not bothering anyone depending where you are. They have more to worry about than a stoner will a half e.

    When I had a run in with Jonny Law, I had 1.5 oz in the trunk and my 400$ hisi in the back seat. I wasn't a dick and I sure didn't want dogs around so I told him where the smoking half O was along with my papers and grinder. He went to the trunk, found it where I told him and shut it. He thought he found it all lol. They found my hisi in the back seat with a towel around it strapped in as if it were a child. I explained to them its my favorite peice and they actually let me keep it. I got off with a writen arrest, court fees, and a 25$ fine. I still had my O (which made me avoid a felony) and my hisi. Just goes to show you some cops are really just doing their job
  19. I'm in the Jacksonville area. I smoke up with my buddies who live in otown every summer. 50 for 3.5. Yes they carry lots of dank in Orlando.

  20. Damnnn. That's crazy. At least they let you keep it. $25?! That's awesome.

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