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florida stoners

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenvape, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hello, I live in the tampa area of florida and am looking for people with seeds in fl, please help me and message me if you are willing to help me, thanks
  2. your an obvious cop
  3. I don't have any seeds but definitely here in the Tampa FL area!
    I can guarantee you will find some seeds of some dank strains here. Just ask around at bars and stuff.
  4. i swear on my life im not a cop dude..check out my blog right here and that should prove it just please help me i need seeds... Greenlife
  5. some one just please take a risk and trust me, im not a cop, i just need to be hooked up with some good seeds, i promise you will not regret it
  6. its really not that hard, just find some mids and i can nearly guarantee you'll find some seeds, unless you're looking for a certain strain or something
  7. i know that there are seeds in mids but i want like good dro seeds or something from a home grower cuz thats what i wanna do
  8. We here at the city don't fuck around with that heathen weed, shit'll kill ya.
  9. what does that even mean? lol
  10. #10 BuddhistBrian, Jun 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    I live in your area and all I'd like to say is that 1. Don't ask for hookups on GC. 2. It's not the seeds themselves that produce the true quality of bud, it's the way they're grown.
  11. whats GC? and are you saying if i get seeds out of mids i can grow them into nice dro plants?
  12. if you buy some regs and get some seeds, and cultivate them properly, you can turn them into high quality marijuana
  13. What he is saying is that maybe you should learn a bit more about what you're going to do with said seeds before you actually get them and get stuck staring at them for hours wondering why they don't suddenly blossom into a plant...

  14. Depends. You got a hydro kit? :cool:
  15. well ive done a lot of research on the topic and i know that was a dumb question but i actually do know a lot about the growing process just not the seeds and strains them selvs...i mean has any one in florida ordered them from the internet successfully?
  16. i mean i plan on spending a lot of money for a bomb set up lol
  17. Doesn't seem like that research is doing you an awful lot of good so far...
  18. Why are we getting threads like this????
  19. whats wrong with these threads? i dont understand what i did wrong, it was a simple question and im just asking for help yall dont have to hate on a fellow stoner
  20. People asking for things against the rules on the TOS...

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