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Florida stoner tryinng to enjoy what Seattle has to offer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Duval_Fuego, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I'm from Florida and plan on taking a vacation to Seattle soon here in May for my anniversary. Being from Florida of course I don't have a medical marijuana card. So how do I go upon getting some serious dank and edibles while in the city? Like is it sketchy to ask someone to buy some edibles and OZ?

  2. Couldn't you go into the dispensaries by yourself? I'm pretty sure anybody can buy from the recreational dispensaries, even if you're from out of state.
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    we dont have recreational dispensaries yet
    our lawmaking process is happening really slow
    its legal, but the infrastructure and specific laws behind setting up the dispensaries aren't in place yet such as who can sell it, grow it, how much of it, restrictions, etc
    I see. I thought you guys had opened them along with Colorado. I guess his best bet would be the old fashioned way of finding a hook up, then.
    Or maybe he should just go on vacation in Denver instead?
  5. Find people chilling around dispensaries and offer them a little extra money shouldn't be too hard lol Sent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Go downtown and ask around. You shouldnt have a problem, maybe try in those grassy areas around pike place. Keep in mind I havent been back to Seattle in almost 7 years, so things may have changed. But when I lived there pike place and around that area was where my sis would look around.  :confused_2:
    yeah that area totally works it always smells like weed and theres generally a ton of homeless losers who could sell you pot
  8. What exactly is that?
    Finding a dealer on the street.
  10. Not to mention, in Washington you need to be a resident to purchase legal cannabis once their stores are open so if you are in Washington, you will need to find your bud the old fashioned way.
    I'll be in Denver this March for a week so that should be enjoyable for me!
  11. Damn. Colorado allows out of state people buy up to a 1/4.
    LIke I said, vacation in Denver instead. :smoke:

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