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Florida soon-to-be medical patient questions

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by nudope, Oct 21, 2014.

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    I am 18, living in Florida, and a registered voter who proudly voted in favor of amendment 2.  I have been smoking marijuana illegally for the past year.  I was always against drug use of any form. Never touched alcohol or cigarettes, let alone marijuana and I had 0 intention to ever do such things. 

    For the past 4-5 years I have had very sever allergies to both indoor triggers and outdoor triggers.  Dust, mold, dander, carpet fibers, spices, and certain foods just to name a few indoor triggers. Outdoor is mainly cold weather and pollen. Pollen season is during the summer months, and cold weather obviously winter months so I have outdoor allergies year round.

    I have attacks 3-4 times a week where I can not function. I am bed-locked with a migraine, constant non stop sneeze attacks causing me to go through 1-2 whole tissue boxes per normal attack. There have been much stronger though. My eyes water and itch and my nose is completely clogged.
    I have tried every reputable brand allergy medication which can be pretty damn expensive. $20 for a bottle of Clearatin. For a period of time I was on a 24 hour daily pill which reduced the symptoms very minimally but still not enough to improve day to day life back to a normal pace. All in all, it got in the way of many every day activities (i.e school, work, church) and life became a hassle to deal with. 

    NOW for my question.. sorry I felt as if this deserves a back story, as I'm not just another teen wanting a medical card to blaze up, although I do enjoy a nice session any chance I can get, as I'm sure you all can agree on that.

    If and when this new law passes, and I am able to seek a physicians I admit to having felt immense relief of my allergies with use of marijuana illegally?  Will admitting to illegally buying and consuming marijuana be of any effect to the chances of getting a card?  Or do they assume people who want cards for legitimate medical reasons already know marijuana works for them by having tried it illegally previously?
    I understand the patient confidentiality thing, but after all, it is up to their discretion if I'm applicable or not.  

    tl;dr   upon examination, do I admit to trying marijuana illegally to prove that I feel immense relief to my severe allergy symptoms? Or just go in pretending I have no clue whether it will work or not and I'm just giving marijuana a try?

  2. By the way, posting in seasoned tokers because I assume the majority of you are in legal states and have gone through the legalization process while having tried marijuana before it was legal in your area.  Maybe I'm wrong but I'm sure someone has the same question as me somewhere. 
  3. I would say this much. At the end of the day, the doctors assume you are there for a party-permit, as do the state officials. The thing is, it comes down to the doctors' opinions (the government not at all; it its legal, that is the end of the sentence). You can try your own doctor but I think you know already if she or he is cool with the idea. The cool ones will write the ref almost regardless of why you are there or what you have done prior to this (although I think if you have felonies or something that could be a problem). Earlier J smokage is no problemo. The cool ones will write regardless of why you are there and the uncool ones wont, regardless of why you are there. Thus, uness you are really cool with your GP, just find the local pot doctor, pay the minimal charge and walk out with your ref no questions asked. Most don't even ask for medical records anymore..
  4. wow seriously? I knew it was pretty easy but didn't know it was this easy. So every doctor is going to be able to write a recommendation? Or certain licensed doctors? 
  5. Conceptually, doctors have had the capacity to write pot scripts for a long time; it just didn't matter because why write a script no one could fill right? Others will have other experiences but having gone through it now three times in two states, this is where it is right now and the laughable thing is even this much of a speedbump will be gone soon too...

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    I see. Makes sense. Even if it became recreational in Florida, I'm under 21 lol. But I'm sure by the time I AM 21, it will be recreational in many places. It's expanding quick. 
  7. pretty sure there is a list of acceptable conditions to qualify for tha MMJ. I will soon be casting my absentee ballot aswell and voting yes on amendant 2 but don't go putting the horse before the bridge (lmao crossed up my sayings and I dont give an f :metal: ) you know what im saying tho! 60% baby
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    Florida's law is written like California's law- it has an "or other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient" clause. Which means if you can convince the doctor, you get the rec!
    Doctors cannot write PRESCRIPTIONS for cannabis, but they can RECOMMEND its use. It is illegal to write a prescription for cannabis because it is a Schedule 1 drug- no medical use is recognized. 
    Doctors can NOT turn you in for previous use! To bust you, they would have to break the doctor/patient privilege and they would lose their medical license! So be honest about any drug use or anything else!
    In California, it is VERY simple to get a recommendation. You bring in your money, medical records and ID, talk with the doctor, and he signs a recommendation. You walk out legal and then most folks head toward the nearest dispensary!
    The only thing I really dislike about this law is that patients are not allowed to grow their own! As a law, it's not perfect, but it IS a start! Here is more info on it-,_Amendment_2_%282014%29
  9. @Granny; I stand corrected; maybe a little less toastage before postage, no? Anyhow, I tend to (wrongly) use the term 'script for anything the doctor writes to get you what you need but you of course correct.  It is still pretty easy (although in Nevada there are more hoops to jump through and WAY more money to spend); once you go through it you will wonder what you ever stressed about. Funny thing about records and why you are there. Maybe someone else has different experiences but in my cases, I went there for something the government considers a full disability as does my last employer but the pot doctor kept saying louder and louder "MY YOU LOOK LIKE YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!" using the old saw about your blood pressure is always higher at the doctors office, after which he ignores everything you have patiently explained, records you have meticulously kept and writes the rec for high blood pressure. Forty Bucks Please. ^__^ What a world...

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  10. Thank you all for the replies! I have a strong feeling that it will pass.  If it doesn't, I'm still smoking.. the law just makes it more convenient!  :smoking: 
    Can't wait til its over in my area and I can take my happy self to the STORE for weed. That's so crazy to think about sometimes hahaha. It's such a relief seeing it become more and more accepted and further studied.  
    I recently told my mom about my smoking habits and she flipped, cried a little, didn't understand what made me want to go behind her back, make drug deals, and smoke like the rest of our low life family that abuses the medicine. She's seen her cousins fall into the wasted life of living off of their government checks and smoking their life away.  
    But then she noticed how well I do in school working toward my degrees and how she's never noticed a change in me or suspected that I was doing such things. She's okay with it now although she'd rather that I stop until the amendment passes. I don't smoke around her or when she's home out of respect, although I'll still be smoking regardless of the passing of laws. 

    Toke up and toke smart! :bongin:
  11. I understand they can't get me busted for it, but I was wondering if they can use that when deciding wether to write me a recommendation or not.  After reading some of you guys' replies I see that most doctors could care less, which sounds good to me!  :hello:

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