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Florida pick up thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SuperSaiyanStoner, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Really enjoying this Platinum Bubba Kush I picked up in Orlando ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1409938668.688401.jpg

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  2. Nice to see some fellow Duuuuvaaaallllllll folks in here.
  3. I miss Florida can't wait to move back

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  4. Hey brother, I've been slammed with work and haven't had much time to do any fishing. Hope you feel better man. Keep me updated & we'll get together.
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    Picked up some Flo, new strain to my ears. I'm not putting a pic up since it looks like a blind man trimmed it.
  6. A buddy had some "Flo" last weekend. It was okay, strong citrus smell/taste. Let's see those nugs!
  7. Picture doesn't do it justice but it's some fire from my ex-main dealer I just got back in touch with when my new main was out. Miami beach btw

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  8. those prices are kind of steep...

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  10. So you have a place in Orlando and Jax? What do you do for work? You're balling!

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  11. No I go to Orlando to get away from Jax for the weekend. I'm an traveling man.

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
    You ask and you shall receive, it taste like nothing but the high is good and that's what matters. I have to trim nugs up cause I hate smoking leaves

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    I'd smoke it!  Did you trim those nugs up a bit?  They don't look bad.
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    not in the pic no, its hard to see but they are the same color as the bud, My indoor is 2 weeks out. Hate dealing with these jokers when I have to. I am a leaf Nazi and all most go on my shit!!!
  15. You'll have to update the thread when you harvest those beauties. I checked out your grow & it looks good! I need to jump on the grow band wagon, it'd save me a ton of coin.
  16. I always grow, just been in-between harvest
  17. Yooo, anyone in Miami?  :smoke:
  18. Im in Fort Walton
  19. I'm a trim nazi as well. All my shit I trim is leafless and anytime I buy stuff that isn't trimmed good I always pull out the snips and do a little trimming

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