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Florida pick up thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SuperSaiyanStoner, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Jax Got some hindu kush that has a great fruity taste for 15g 45 8th. pic 1
    then some blue dream same prices pic 2


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  2. Recent pick up. Looks okay, the high is okay, but the taste is amazing. Deff a sativa dom. Its a nice switch up from the heavy indica I've been burning.

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  3. I'm in the SRQ area.. out at the Ranch.  Dry out here... 
  4. I'm in Brandon, and being 42 nobody even wants to talk to me about getting any. Must think I'm setting them up or something, I just want to get stoned ! Lol
  5. OG lemon kush

    the real super sand

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  6. I'm in the same boat (42 also)... i was able to get buds way easier when i was younger.  Plus, I was in Cali and drove a VW bus with grateful dead stickers all over it.  I have been in Florida for 10+ years and can't find a decent local solid hook for the life of me!
    Good luck @bbrt42.  I'd travel up your way if you find anything. just sayin.
  7. Theres some decent hookups if your in the younger crowd, most being around 18....Honestly I would just grow man plant them somewhere hidden and sunny and ur good to go lol
  8. Im in jax and I missed out on gods gift damn. Anyway ain't julington creek in Mandarin or Orange Park? I'm a stoner athlete so I be at parks or gyms working out high lol.
  9. Working out is so damn boring... I have to be high!  In fact, I'm dry so i haven't worked out in a couple days.  I usually work out at lunch, but instead i'm here salivating over these pics.
    @[member="Marry Jew Wanna"] don't have the time or patience right now to grow. If you know of any 18 years olds that want to make a couple bucks today. let me know, lol.
  10. Ya Julington creek is in Mandarin, sorry here about the trouble ya'll have i'll be down in Orlando the last week of sept
  11. I still have a half oz of God's Gift xD
  12. Oh shit you saving it or trying to mix and match for a joint or a blunt?
  13. One dude can only smoke so much nug   :bongin:
  14. Lol I used to have 4 jars of different strains. It took me awhile to finished it all. I use herb iron to light whatever I'm smokin on.
  15. I workout by doing calisthenics so I'm having fun being one with nature at the parks. If I don't smoke, I'm still going to workout regardless. I'm in my 30s and you in your 40s so you can't depend on weed to workout. I only smoke after my sweat drenching workout then I be too damn high after some hits lol.
  16. New here to the East side of Orlando. Are the prices still the same?
  17. Sup my dudes.... Some of you guys that are older and having problems finding work might wanna  try a gym, especially one with a basketball court. I live in orlando area and I play bball and so many guys come in and out blitz out there mind... ez game....
  18. What gym is that and do they open everyday? I also go to Lake underhill park to workout when I visit Orlando.

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    Some fire GDP.



    Excellent cut of chemdawg.

  20. It's been to long without any GDP for me

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