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Florida pick up thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SuperSaiyanStoner, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. You live in the historic area? I grew up off Saragossa. Live in north saint johns now. I need to make it down there more often.

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  2. No, I'm a little bit South of downtown.Still a hop and a skip though.
  3. That Gods gift Looks pretty Damn Good. The stuff I get looks like Crumbs compared to that Nug !!!
  4. You're right down the road, maybe we'll roast some time. Do you fish by chance?
  5. Sounds Good ! When I can,haven't gone to much this year. Been a few times around the 4th of July.Just some inshore.
  6. It's really the only thing I can find to pass time. Since I've moved back here (over a year) from leaving the Army I've yet to obtain a hobby besides work or people to hang out with.

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  7. Fishing Really is good therapy !! Nice to get away from the hustle and bustle.
  8. ^^ fuck that 3000 a pie shit I get my bud 750 a quap 22 a pie here in the sunshine state

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  9. @[member="wesker420"] didn't see THIS until right now.  Nice to meet you.  Got the goods on the west side?
  10. Anyone live around the navarre area?
  11. My guy gets it from a grower. Its the best no name I've ever had. Always sticky and fruity smelling. 120 a ounce but if I get in with the grower I can get it for 80

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  12. I'm in Jax, Been smoking 6 months and always got my shit from the same guy.Don't know anyone lol. I usually pay $20 G, $50 eight, $90 quarter, $160 half. Shitty quality pics from a galaxy S3.

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  13. UK member here staying in Orlando for a few weeks.

    Big up to the Ocala three for hooking me up! The real super sand worldwide B)

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  14. Dude I just moved from Ocala. I was living in Panama City beach and the bud there is expensive but fuck is it fantastic. Best bud I have ever gotten in Florida was there

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  15. Hellloo 175 a zip

    the real super sand

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    Are you insayan?
  17. da most insayan

    the real super sand
  18. I just moved to tallahassee and havent gotten a hookup here yet, but when i lived in orlando i was getting 60 quarters, 35 for an eighth, 10 a g. Being childhood friends with your dealer helps out, and every week it got better B)
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    Pensacola right here man,
    $15 g for dank and $20 for 7g of good mids
    Usually just buy mids because it lasts longer and cheaper, dank for special occasions ☺️

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  20. Picking up some new bud after work I'll post it B)B)B)B)B)B)B)B)B)

    the real super sand

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