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  1. I live in Florida and soon il be getting some seeds. i was wondering when the best time to plant them outdoors would be? Anyone got a good answer?
  2. spring/early summer
  3. get them out after the last frost!I lived in Florida and yes you really do want to grow some of your own lol with all that nasty brown bud down there!Anyway check it out tosange, a strain i would get for growing in Florida would be Arjans Ultra Haze 1 simply because it yields so much and good potency!Its not a stealthy plant but just id just do 5 of them they dont finish til the end of Novemeber in the northern Hemispere but depending on which section of Florida you live in It could finish for sure!
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    Depends on which strain you are going to grow. Auto flowers will work now although you didn't specify where about in FL you are. Northern FL will have frost @ some point, southern FL won't. If you are in central to south Florida you will have to use a mold resistant strain like THIS one or your buds will rot away during rain season.
    Anyway to answer your question HERE is a daylight calculator. Your plants will go in to flowering mode when daylight hours are getting shorter and closer to 12 hours which is right around now. So as someone already wrote wait 'till spring/early summer to get started or your yield will be very small.

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