Florida Music Festivals?

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  1. Anyone know of any festies this year in florida? you the good ones: :smoking::smoking: hehe
  2. Not sure what type of music you listen to but Wanee looks like it has a pretty good lineup.
  3. all kinds.. everything from metal to folk to psychedelic trance to classic rock to indie stuff... not a big fan of rap and country though. i havent really heard of any of those bands but i really like the allman brothers and gov't mule... what are the rest like? or is it all kinds?
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    Langerado was a big one in southern FL, but it got canceled this year and last, and the producers said it's unlikely it'll return.

    Hippie music fest

    Wanee Festival 2010

    Huge rave


    Thar you go. I highly recommend going to both.
  5. ultrafest, 305fest, and rock the bells. there should be something for everyone with those festivals if not go kill urself.
  6. Bear Creek Music Festival in Live Oak, Florida... i went to it 2 years ago.. there is one in November, which was really dank.. and i think there is a spring fest there too.. i think its called Wannee.. bear creek had good bands, good artists, great drugs

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